Jack Kingston Wins Spalding County Straw Poll

In what may be the last time before the July 22nd runoff, Senate candidates Jack Kingston and David Perdue appeared on the same stage tonight at the Spalding County Republican Party Low Country Boil. The party held a straw poll on the Senate race, a State Senate race affecting the county, and one of the first 2016 Presidential straw polls we’ve seen. The results, from their Facebook page:

Results from the straw poll at tonight’s Low County Boil:

U.S. Senate:
– Jack Kingston: 74%
– David Perdue: 26%

State Senate District 16:
– Marty Harbin: 51%
– David Studdard 49%

Presidential Candidate for 2016:
– Rand Paul: 22%
– Jeb Bush: 16%
– Ted Cruz: 11%
– Chris Christie: 10%
– Mike Huckabee: 8%
– Marco Rubio: 8%
– Rick Santorum: 6%
– Scott Walker: 5%
– Paul Ryan: 4%
– Mitt Romney: 4%
– Bobby Jindal: 2%
– Ben Carson: 2%
– Rick Perry: 1%
– Melvin Everson: 1%

We note that Melvin Everson was the only Presidential candidate present at the event.


  1. therightdirection says:

    I agree Debra. Jeb is old news. He hasn’t run in an elections since 2002. With so many new faces governing successfully (Walker, Jindal, Perry, Martinez, Pence), why should GOP voters turn the clock back for Jeb?

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