The Mississippi Strategy Comes To Georgia?

Apparently there is an effort to get Democrats to cross over and vote for Mike Collins and oppose Jody Hice in the 10th Congressional district runoff. We haven’t seen the kind of racial fearmongering that was seen in the Mississippi Senate race, but a mailer was sent to Democrats in the 10th from “Democrats for Collins.”

More on this from Erick Erickson.

There was also this video which is amusing and revolting at the same time:

I have no evidence this stuff is coming from anyone connected with the Collins campaign so I make no accusation. It could well be that Democrats have decided to try to determine the outcome of a Republican primary. It certainly appears Democrats played a significant role in Thad Cochran winning the Senate runoff in Mississippi. Republicans have certainly done that in the past, just ask Cynthia McKinney.

I will also say I think this actually help Hice. GOP primary voters were upset with the “Mississippi strategy” and that may benefit Hice on 7/22.



  1. Noway says:

    Turnout, turnout, turnout! Pretty simple, Hice supporters quit whining and get more of yours to the polls than the Dems do. Is that there Democratic plan to cross over an idea “From the Pits of Hail!!??!” Next!

  2. debbie0040 says:

    If a candidate stops this low then conservatives should not vote for him either in the GOP Primary nor the General election if he is the nominee. If he counts on Democrats to help him win the GOP Primary, then he needs to count on Democrats to win the General election..

    10th district voters need to decide is they want Obama Democrats selecting the nominee and what Mike Collins promised them..

    #RememberMississippi #NoCollins

    • c_murrayiii says:

      Is there any proof Collins is behind this? I mean, it could be Democrats trying to get the GOP to nominate the most backward candidate, like they did in Missouri with Akin.

      • c_murrayiii says:

        Not because the Dems hope to win in November mind you, but to keep a Paul Broun-type loony in the House to embarrass the GOP nationally.

      • debbie0040 says:

        I have people investigating that now to see if his campaign or third party surrogates were involved. I find it hard to believe they weren’t aware of it even though they may deny it. Collins is very tight with House Leadership.

        If Collins is not involved, then he should issue a statement saying the campaign nor any group associate with them ,had no knowledge of it, and they condemn the effort to have Democrats cross over and that Collins will be a strong fighter against the policies of Obama .

        In 2012 69% of the GOP Primary voters voted for Paul Broun

        • c_murrayiii says:

          Ok, 69% of GOP Primary voters voted for a loony that is an embarrassment to the party, whats your point? I can think of some other folks that won primaries, like Thad Cochran, Nathan Deal, Ralston, etc.

  3. FranInAtlanta says:

    I have no problem with people crossing over (particularly in a district where winning the primary is tantamount to winning the election) if they vote for the candidate they would prefer of those running. I do have a problem with mischief votes.

    • tribeca says:

      Unless Hice or Collins comes out as a neo-Nazi/Taliban sleeper agent, the winner of the primary is going to win the general. Even in that unlikely circumstance it’ll still be close. I see no problem with Dems and independents having a say in who their elected official will be. Especially when one is a dangerous loon.

      • debbie0040 says:

        If what happened in Mississippi is happening in the 10th, then it could effect other races in November … when people have had enough, they have had enough

  4. c_murrayiii says:

    Though I find Hice to be an absolute clown unworthy of any serious consideration for public office, this video is terrible. Whoever made it should be ashamed. Not because it attacks a candidate, but because it is so dated and poorly executed.

  5. John Vestal says:

    Once again, to any who are running in circles all hand-waving and teeth-gnashing over open primaries and the Tool of Satan™ that is crossover voting, I have two words:

    Denise Majette

    • Will Durant says:

      You look too young to remember how Republicans had the ultimate backfire occur with crossover voting which trumps your two words:

      Lester Maddox

      As long as the public has to foot the bill for partisan primaries then the public should get to vote any way they so choose in them.

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