Reed: Nunn and Carter Must Spend $3-5 Million on Minority Outreach to Win

Mayor Reed says if Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn want to win in November, they have to pick up the pace with minority outreach and spend a pretty penny doing so.

Speaking to GPB’s (!) Bill Nigut , Reed said:

“And if they haven’t invested, I would say somewhere between three to five million in their registration efforts and in their voter contact efforts, I don’t believe they are going to prevail.

“If someone calls on me [in September], I’m not going to be too responsive to that because I think that’s offensive and I think it’s the old way. What needs to happen is you have to communicate with all your constituencies at the exact same time through election day.”

The rest of Reed’s interview airs at 3:00 PM today on “Political Roundtable”.