Video: Peach Pundit Immigration Forum

On Wednesday evening, about 40 people ventured over to the Gwinnett County Justice and Administration Center for a forum on immigration reform. The panelists were:

Jorge Fernandez, VP Global Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
Maria Cortes, Certified Court Interpreter for the Doraville Municipal Court
Elaine Boyer, DeKalb County Commissioner, and
Will Kremer, Chairman, Georgia Association of College Republicans

The hour long forum was moderated by Peach Pundit Editor Charlie Harper.

For those who missed it, you can watch the video below.


  1. Ed says:

    As someone who has sat in on an untold number of panels, I can certifiably say no one has moderated a panel more adroitly than our own Charlie.

  2. Don Broussard says:

    As honorable as Peach Pundit’s intentions might have been, the prospects that this panel would be taken seriously were shot to hell when Elaine Boyer was placed on it. If Peach Pundit wants to be taken seriously by non-Republican readers, you ought not get in the business of trying to prop up her political career. Do you think the city hood movements are merely a reaction to political misconduct from south DeKalb Democrats? Seriously, are you waiting for an indictment before you cut her loose?

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