“Outsider” Perdue Makes His Money As An Insider

I’ve been waiting for this story.  It’s one of the worst kept secrets in Georgia politics.  For everyone that has been buying David Perdue’s “outsider” status, you need to seriously question where the money that he’s funding his campaign has come from.  As Shannon McCaffrey of the AJC reports, some of it has come from his businesses that have ties to the government position he served in, appointed by his Cousin the Governor.  You know, like every other “outsider”.

It’s a thorny issue for the businessman locked in a July 22 runoff for the GOP nomination. His appointment to the post in 2010 by his cousin, then-Gov. Sonny Perdue, raised suggestions of nepotism. Records obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution through an open records request paint an even more complicated portrait, showing that a trucking company purchased by both Perdues hauled cargo at the port while David was on the board making important decisions about the port’s operation.

The Perdue campaign said the conduct was above board and contracts for the trucking work were not with the port, but with the companies and shippers moving the goods.

“There is no conflict. They did not do business with the port,” Perdue spokesman Derrick Dickey said.

But while on the board, Perdue took votes on tens of millions of dollars worth of infrastructure improvements designed to streamline and improve transportation at the busy gateway. They included $1.5 million to pave one terminal and $77 million for ship-to-shore cranes.

I have no problem with accumulated wealth.  I have no problem with others who have done so successfully.  I have a real problem with a candidate who dismisses everyone who has ever worked to build a party as an insider with unbridled arrogance, and then pretends that he hasn’t enjoyed the fruits of being an insider at a level most he derides as “insiders” could ever dream of.


  1. Michael Silver says:

    I get that some folks think he is a jerk but where is the scandal?

    Did he use his position on the Board solely for his company’s benefit or did his work benefit everyone at the port as well and equally? I don’t see where the crime is or where he lined his pockets based on his Board appointment.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      He hasn’t done anything “wrong”; he’s just not part of the “cool” crowd….

      This used to be a very good policy-driven site…but now?…I don’t know.

  2. FoggyHighPoint says:

    I don’t see the issue here. The writer doesn’t seem to understand that one can indeed be connected while also being the “outsider.” Frankly, anyone even thinking about seeking statewide office is probably “connected” or an “insider,” but Perdue shouldn’t be disregarded because he has the gaul of diversifying himself as the anti-establishment choice.

  3. Keep digging…

    Officials serving on public boards in Georgia are required to file affidavits attesting that they have not taken any votes which affected their private financial or business interests. Perdue failed to file the required ethics disclosures while on the ports board.

  4. ryanhawk says:

    I have a hard time caring about this race as I see no difference of any consequence between the candidates and will vote for either one over Michelle Nunn. The only real difference is which set of insiders will benefit and how much.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      David Perdue is the well-connected “outsider” while Jack Kingston is the “reformed” ex-Pork King.

    • Jon Lester says:

      My vote will go to the real outsider, Libertarian candidate Amanda Swafford, because none of the other candidates deserves it.

      It also doesn’t matter who wins, because we should know by now that, whichever side any of us is on, we can only get results if we’re actively engaging our elected officials on a per-issue basis. All the worst things happen when people aren’t paying attention.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        Good comments, Mr. Lester…

        I’m probably leaning Libertarian in this race as well for the time being.

  5. rmarsden89 says:

    I really don’t see where the issue lies in this article. Is it, he’s not a Washington outsider because he worked for the Port Authority in Georgia? Or is it that when working at the Port Authority he did his job by improving infrastructure? Im sure you could find something in there that is fishy, but from this article it seems above water to me.

      • analogkid says:

        Lack of a record is an issue, but his comments on taxation are very Reagan-esque (i.e., broaden the base and lower overall rates), and, given that his cousin created the CC, I doubt he’s going to walk away from it to appease the Tea Partyers as Kingston has.

        Like I said, I’m leaning Perdue for this round. Not completely sold on either of them and probably ultimately voting for Nunn in the general. I have reservations with her also, but that’s the nature of being an independent.

    • Michael Silver says:

      Kingston is big on being for something in DC before he is against it when he is campaigning in Georgia

      A timely example is the reason why our nation is being flooded with Illegal Alien “children”. Obama can’t immediately deport those “children” because of a bill that Rep. Kingston voted for. The bill is the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 and here is a writeup about its impact from the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/08/us/immigrant-surge-rooted-in-law-to-curb-child-trafficking.html?_r=0

      Another example is how in DC kingston tows the Establishment line is when he failed to show up and vote against the Undetectable Gun Ban. While he campaigns in Georgia, he tells us that “he has never backed down from defending our Second Amendment rights and he never will”. What BS. Here’s a link about the ban: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/12/04/the-deadly-plastic-gun-loophole-the-house-extension-leaves-in-place.html

      Kingston is the standard DC Establishment insider: big spender, amnesty supporter and gun-prohibitionist. I’m going to take my chances with the other guy, Perdue.

  6. Trey A. says:

    Well, at least neither one of these clowns is a draft dodger running t.v. adds comparing a Purple Heart recipient to Osama Bin Laden…

    Of course, neither one is a veteran, which is a shame.

  7. jiminga says:

    Perdue wants his “record” to be what he says it is. While Kingston may not be the best ever, at least he has a record we can examine. This race is the embodiment of the old saying “The devil you know is better than the one you don’t.” Perdue should have started with the House of Representatives so we only would put two years at risk instead of six.

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