What A Wagonload Of Rabid Wombats Looks Like In Email

This is not a rabid wombat.
This is not a rabid wombat.

I’ve long found that when people start screaming after you write, you may be on to something.

Yesterday’s piece about ethics charges against Kathie Gannon appears to have elicited one from Monica Parrott. She apparently takes issue with my attempt to, you know, talk to her before writing a piece that questioned her actual level of involvement in the complaint. Last night, she responded to my request for comment with the digital equivalent of a shotgun on the doorstep, replete with legal threats, character attacks and a baseless accusation of a “personal and intimate” relationship with Kathie Gannon … who I would have trouble picking out of a lineup.

It’s glorious reading. 

Monica Parrott’s email, July 8, 2014:

Mr. Chidi,

I am appalled and frightened at your heinous actions towards me, a private citizen. Your behavior in this matter is extremely disconcerting and I feel threatened by your aggressive actions towards me that are both harassing and your threats terroristic in nature and in fact. I have been contacted by many reporters regarding this filing, none of whom have been disrespectful or threatening. Your actions are beyond the pale for legitimate news reporters and your attacks against me indicate that you must be driven by your personal and intimate relationship with Commissioner Gannon that should be investigated.

It is the right of citizens to file complaints and you who call yourself a watchdog against political corruption have shown yourself to be both extremely biased and totally under the control of certain elected officials and clearly your mental state is questionable due to your vicious attack against a citizen who is just seeking the truth about the actions of an elected official. Instead of reporting the news, you are seeking to twist the focus onto the whistle blower. And just like other abusers, you blame the victim or the witness to the abuse for the injury.

I am notifying you officially to not contact me again for any matter or purpose. Do not come anymore to my place of work, my home, or to the homes of any of my family members or associates. You may not call me at any location at any time via any device or method and I am notifying you that if you do I will be forced to file for a restraining order against you and any of the employees, reporters, contractors or otherwise agents of Peach Pundit, Neon Flag, LLC or their affiliates. You may not attempt to contact me via email or any other electronic means of communications. Doing so will be interpreted by me as threatening to me and my unborn child’s personal safety and I will seek immediate response from law enforcement. Any further contact will be construed as authorized by Neon Flag, LLC, Peach Pundit, their owners, assigns and management and I will vigorously pursue criminal and civil damages against it for their sanctioning of terroristic actions of you, their agent.

As an elected official yourself, you should be investigated for mental instability and incapacity to serve in elected office. You are out of control and lack the moral turpitude and discretion required for a legislator and public servant. I am requesting an investigation by the Attorney General and the Governor of the State of Georgia as to your mental stability and legal capacity to serve under Georgia Law.

Monica Parrott

At least she spelled her own name right this time. The email address was [email protected] Parrott CC’d … well, everyone. All the commissioners, the DA, Pine Lake’s mayor, Sam Olens, Gov. Nathan Deal and others. I responded — not to her, mind — to all of them with this:

Well. That was fun to see in my inbox.

Needless to say, Ms. Parrott apparently doesn’t care for what I wrote, and her message here reads like a wagon cart full of rabid wombats … although in my humble opinion it’s a higher grade of syntax than her ethics filing.

Ms. Parrott, unbidden and without previous contact whatsoever, emailed me her ethics complaint directly. I reached out shortly after reading it with two quick emails to Ms. Parrott to clarify her allegations. The emails consisted, in total, of “Monica. I write for Peach Pundit. I’d like to write something about this. May we speak later tonight?” and “I’m at 678-824-4187. May we speak today about this? I’d like to write about it.” This morning, I called her listed number with a similar message and I stopped by her (apparently former) place of employment while I was on the way back from Wal-Mart, about a mile from my house. Given my take on her filing — a strong suspicion that someone else was involved — I wanted to ensure I had made every reasonable attempt to contact her for comment, as any responsible writer might.

All of this has given her the vapors, as you can see. I have yet to actually communicate with her.

I stand by my published commentary, barring additional information.

Mr. Olens, Mr. Deal, Mr. James, Chief Conroy — feel free to call me if you think there’s something to investigate, although the phrase “strategic lawsuit against public participation” comes to mind — Ga. Code Ann., § 9-11-11 rather restricts Ms. Parrott’s authority to seek a restraining order for “harassment” by reporters seeking comment when she’s made a public filing on a matter of grave public concern, i.e. ethics complaints in DeKalb.

The rest of you know where to find me if you want to talk.

I’m not interested in discouraging people from filing ethics complaints — far from it. We need every construction manager and shop owner who has been rolled for a campaign contribution or told to hire someone’s politically-connected cousin to step forward.  Nor do I want to discourage whistleblowers — although that term, correctly applied, refers to government employees reporting unethical behavior, not private citizens.

Here is the distinction between the ethics complaints against Kathie Gannon (and Jeff Rader) and the other ethics complaints floating around right now. The people filing complaints against Elaine Boyer and Sharon Barnes-Sutton and Larry Johnson and even interim CEO Lee May are willing to answer questions. They are eager to do so. We know who they are.

Parrott has asked me not to contact her, which means questions go unanswered. How did she obtain county records in her complaint for which no Georgia Open Records Act request has been made? How did she manage to misspell her own name in multiple places on her filing and in her email address sending out the documents to reporters? Why her? How did she come to her (apparently erroneous) conclusions about Joe Arrington and PRISM — Joe tells me that it’s not a 501(c)3 organization. On what basis does she describe Viola Davis’ income as “questionable?” Why are the “demographics” of the commission district related to her concerns about Park Pride relevant to a discussion of ethics? Is she suggesting that Gannon’s activities have racial motivation?

I suppose Parrott would prefer we simply speculate. But she has an open invitation to talk, despite … all of that … whenever she wants.


  1. Lea Thrace says:

    This is so glorious. She sounds like she might be Orly Taitz levels of interesting. Clearly asking questions only goes one way in her world.

    I cannot wait to see how this plays out.

    Anyone want some popcorn?

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Who knew you were having a personal and intimate relationship with Gannon?

    And her request of the Attorney General and the Governor to investigate your mental stability and legal capacity to serve under Georgia Law sure enhances the credibility of her complaint against Gannon.

    What a dip!

  3. Harry says:

    George you not eager to answer my questions, and I’m a member of the media because I post here.

      • Harry says:

        I thought you were smarter than to let a disagreement over the purported benefits of Jay-Z and such on contemporary black culture (or non-culture) impact your and my ability to discuss things going forward.

          • Noway says:

            Quick question, George and not to get in the middle your your and Harry’s squabble, but aren’t the lyrics and content of the modern day/contemporary rap songs offensive and quite degrading to women, in particular? Do many of them promote agressive and violent behavior?

            As opposed to the love songs generated by Motown, (Temptations, Ojays, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye) back in the day?

            Aren’t the messages in stark contrast to each other? Is my point/comparison fair?

            • George Chidi says:

              Most rap music sucks, multidimensionally. Most rap is minstrel show garbage aimed at suburban white kids looking for some crosscultural thrill. And most rappers will be the first people to say so.

              The question folks should ask when they hear awful rap is whether what they’re hearing is an actual exhortation to behave like this, a cultural critique or simple escapism — the musical equivalent of putting on a mask at Halloween and playacting like a maniac.

              Fortunately most people don’t listen to most rap. Most people listen to exceptional rap. Give rap — and the public — a little credit.

              • Harry says:

                If you think rap has any redeeming qualities to lift black youth out of the overall loser status in which they find themselves, then you’re more misinformed than even I could imagine.

              • Ellynn says:

                I didn’t know I was a crosscultural thrill seaker. I fell so much shame.

                I’m going to go home and re-evaluate my small collection of vinyles of ‘The Message” and Wheels of Steel, my brothers copy of a stupid Luke Skywalker and the Two Live Crew remix doesn’t count (which all sit proudly in the same archival box with the 45’s of Duran Duran, Juice Newton, the 12″ still in the plastic wrap of ‘Do they know it’s Christmass’ and a botleg cassette of X in concert).

                My whole childhood is now a lie… except for my Beastie Boys collect of course. It’s like I was bite by a rabid wombat. Or some thing.

                Thanks George.

          • Harry says:

            Seriously, what? Why do I need to take a break? Do you really think with the current cultural influences that black kids are headed in the right direction?

            • MattMD says:

              It is more of social inequalities and family structures than due to cultural issues. Oh yeah, that thing called Chattel Slavery, too. Tell me, do you seriously think it is rap music? Is Jay Z to blame?

              My God.

              • Ellynn says:

                I blame Blondie. Skinny white girl started it all with the first No. 1 rap song on a national chat making Freddy and Flash famous…

                Fab Five Freddie told me everybody’s fly
                DJ’s spinning I said my, my
                Flash is fast, Flash is cool
                Francois sais pas, Flashe no deux
                And you don’t stop, sure shot
                Go out to the parking lot…

                I won my 7th grade talent show rapping that song in 1982… Yup I was ‘old skool’

                • Harry says:

                  You’re making light of a very serious problem, where an entire generation of blacks and low-caste whites are being consigned to loser status due to bad cultural models. Now I’m done as we’ve strayed off-topic. Charlie, forgive us.

                  • drjay says:

                    i can’t help myself—you know that more or less every generation has said what you are saying about the music of the generation that followed, right?

                    elvis and his hypnotic, erotic pelvic thrusting, the hippies and their druggie flower music, the devil’s music heavy metal and judas priest inspired suicides, etc, etc, and so on and so forth…

  4. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Oh George, you’re acting rationally and reasonably which isn’t going to calm her down. My guess is, next she’ll accuse you of libel.

    I know several attorney’s who will happily step up to sort out whatever poo flinging comes your way.

  5. Scarlet Hawk says:

    This poor girl. Someone told her they’d use her name on the ethics complaint and they didn’t fully inform her that she’d be questioned about it. Then they wrote this email and sent it out for her.

    Note the reference to the unborn child, the “terroristic threats” and the tone of the email places her as the victim.

    That writing style is hyperbole that isn’t totally foreign to me.

    I look forward to you bringing this to light, George.

  6. NoTeabagging says:

    Apparently, Miss Gulch has decided George is a menace to the community, and therefore, must be taken to the Sheriff and destroyed. (cue music and tornado). Watch for falling houses.

  7. Michael Silver says:

    ooooo ….. you are in trouble now. What till mom finds out!

    What I don’t understand is why are they filing ethics complaints for theft, a criminal act? Shouldn’t they take the evidence to the DA or Grand Jury directly?

  8. saltycracker says:

    As a self appointed spokesman for the Tasmanian wombats:
    Wombats do not contract rabies (it ain’t here in the real down south)
    Wombats are vegans
    Wombats don’t ride in carts
    Wombats can kick a humans butt
    Our insulted alpha male is coincidentally named Charlie Wombat.
    He has a Buzz cut and is on a minority endangered list.

    We will be filing a restraining order against you and PP and hiring a word specialist Parrott to ghost write our memos of disgust for your insults of wombats and parrots.

    As for the other matter it appears you have struck a mighty nerve and again brought us great entertainment.

    • saltycracker says:

      P.S. Thanks so much for the pic with our favorite human, Steve, holding Charlie.

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