Morning Reads: July 9 Edition

Germany just scored again.

“Escape from the Island” by KISS.


  1. Ed says:

    Henry, Atlanta’s second-biggest KISS fan and also my dog, completed his farewell tour yesterday. He was a good dog and will be missed.

  2. Ed says:

    Also, in 30 minutes of a soccer game, Germany scored as many goals as Auburn and Mississippi State scored combined points in 2008.

  3. View from Brookhaven says:

    That Fox5 video on MARTA expansion had a disappointing lack of old white people ranting about Agenda 21.
    Keep resisting, though. I enjoy your pennies.

    Also, a parking deck at L5P? Gross.

  4. MattMD says:

    I don’t get the carping about parking in L5P. I just park in my old hood, Candler Park, and walk.

    • Jon Lester says:

      I always found a spot in a residential area within 2 blocks, back in the mid-90’s, and I’m glad to hear those streets still aren’t doing it DC style yet, with residential permit parking only.

      Here in Athens, after having to pay $360 a couple months back to clear my account and get a boot removed, I’ve sworn to never park in a metered space during billable hours again. I either find a space in one of two spots 2-3 blocks from where I want to go, or I just don’t spend any money downtown.

    • Three Jack says:


      Probably should move this to the thread about the campaign, but for now: from the linked column – “Nunn’s campaign, which has not yet benefited from outside spending on ads, indicated she would only abide by the pledge if the two GOP contenders did so as well.”

      Kind of like saying on the first hole of a golf round, ‘hey partner, I won’t cheat if you don’t.’ If she were serious and wanted to stand out, she would announce that her campaign will refrain from the 3rd party ads. Sending a letter to GOP candidates is a nice publicity stunt, but shows a lack of character imho. Or more likely she knows her side has zero to very little 3rd party money targeted toward this campaign.

      Beyond that, what is she offering that differentiates herself when it comes to actual governance? I checked her website, looks like it was cut and pasted from every other recent campaign with no new ideas or creativity whatsoever.

      • Instead of “I won’t cheat if you don’t”. Think of it more like… “If you don’t start it, I won’t have to finish it.” I don’t think it’s a lack of character at all – it is setting ground rules. With the golf thing… you determine scramble, best ball, etc before starting the game. You really think there’s nothing in third-party coffers for her to access if/when needed? heh

        I stand behind my comment weeks ago that there’s no need for her to go on the offense until she knows which Republican candidate she’s up against. How she differentiates herself from Kingston vs Perdue is different. Either way – she hasn’t been in politics for 20+ years plus she’s been a successful CEO.

        • TheEiger says:

          Seems like she already has typical politician response of not answering the question asked down pretty well. What is worst than someone with 20 years of a public record? I would say someone that can’t answer a very important and very simple question.

        • Three Jack says:


          It was/is a political stunt, happens all the time. The weaker candidate (prompted by professional consultants) tries to level the playing field by challenging the stronger one(s) to do something that both know will never happen. Might work for a bit of pub, but nothing more.

          I’m completely neutral on this race, really don’t care for any of the candidates. So I ask yet again what Michelle offers other than gender and a last name when it comes to a political agenda. Eiger correctly points out her dodge of the Obamacare question, that’s a pretty big deal in GA. Her website offers nothing beyond rehashed soundbites. Why would someone like myself who is not aligned with either major party decide that she will be good for GA from a governance perspective? Will she become just another ‘Yes’ for Harry Reid and his wacked out agenda? These are just some of the questions she will have to actually answer at some point.

          • Weaker candidate is debatable.

            I agree she’ll have to start serving some tastier meat come July 23.

            Truly new ideas are hard for any candidate regardless of party. Politics, like sales and even the world’s oldest profession, will never really have any “new” ideas. Better tools? Sure. New strategies, tactics or maneuvers? Nah, not really – otherwise Marcus Aurelius, the Art of War, and the Kama Sutra would not still be referenced so often. We simply need good people who are good stewards of the knowledge we already possess.

            If I were in Vegas, I’d say the race will likely be won or lost by any skeletons that come out of Kingston’s cavernous 22yr old political closet or by a Todd Akin-esque comment by just about any high-profile GOPers concerning women’s rights.

    • TheEiger says:

      Seems pretty hypocritical on Nunn’s part don’t you think?

      “Nunn raised $2.7 million in Georgia – and $3 million outside of it. She raised more than $400,000 in New York, California and Washington D.C. Neither of the other candidates had a single state, besides Georgia, give their campaign more than $400,000.”

      Oh, and having Elizabeth Warren ask people for money on your behalf probably won’t play too well here in Georgia.

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