Koreans Try to Identify Gwinnett Voters

AALEC FlyerAsian American Legal Advocacy (AALAC) has begun a campaign to identify potential Korean America voters in Gwinnett County. The group estimates it can identify 10,000 eligible Koreans in the county, and hopes to get them to register to vote, and to sign a petition requesting that voting materials be printed in Korean.

“Based on our research, there are over 11,000 Korean American voting age citizens in Gwinnett County who would have an easier time voting if ballots were in the Korean language,” said Helen Ho AALAC’s Executive Director. “We know we the numbers and want to work with our Korean community to push for Korean language ballots. We know this will increase the number of Koreans voting and build power for the Korean community as a whole”

The infographic at right illustrates the number of potential Korean voters in Gwinnett. Click on it for a full-sized version A Korean language version of the infographic is here.


  1. saltycracker says:

    I hope the campaign is supported by a Republican businessman with the only Korean language printing press.

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