Macon, Albany, Valdosta get no love

Those three Georgia municipalities recently made a list of 25 American cities that are actually seeing their populations shrink, according to the most recent Census data.

Vox is reporting that only cities with at least 50,000 residents were counted.

What’s alarming about these cities is the fact that more Americans are born each year, than pass away. Couple this with the fact that hundreds of thousands of immigrants arrive in the United States each year, and most cities see their population grow, rather than shrink.

Eight of the unlucky 25 are in Michigan.


      • George Chidi says:

        Point taken. I saw the reports on the trouble farmers had been having after the immigration law passed. I stand corrected, in terms of how south Georgia “feels.” Notably, that law passed with strong support from conservative legislators near all three of these cities.

    • George Chidi says:

      The abortion rate is tied to economic insecurity. So is the use of contraception. Undercut the economic security of the public, and people stop having children. Create conditions for families to raise children without fear of economic catastrophe, and you’ll have more children.

      Jane Citizen needs a higher wage.

      • Ken says:

        Um, George, I believe the birth rate for high-income mothers is actually less than for mothers at or near the poverty line. I could be wrong . . .

        • George Chidi says:

          You’re not wrong. Poorer women have more children than wealthier women. But the logic holds, if you start looking at correlation and causation. It’s not that poorer women have more children than richer women. It’s that having children tends to make women poorer. Is there evidence that having children makes it harder to climb the economic ladder? Plenty — and you can find it as well as I can. Women with upward mobility don’t want to jeopardize that by having children and taking themselves out of promotion tracks as a result of time away from work. Women with children, early, have already done so.

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