Gadfly Starts “Long Shot” Braves Stadium Legal Action; Parking Concerns Raised

Creative Loafing brings news that Rich Pellegrino of Citizens for Governmental Transparency started a legal challenge to block the public domain funding for the new Braves Stadium in Cobb. 

The challenge will happen during a July 7 court hearing for the $397 million bond issuance. Pellegrino admits the odds are not good for CGT on July 7. If they fail, however, further action will be considered.

Another problem being reported by CL: the Braves were going to rent parking spaces from local businesses but many are balking at the impact that would have to their tenants. Some parking areas are three miles away.

It will be interesting to see if the Braves can get this stadium built by 2017. If they don’t, the Turner Field land will almost assuredly have been sold by then and development will have begun. That would leave the Braves without a stadium and stuck with a mayor who has shown no sympathy for their plight.


  1. SmyrnaModerate says:

    the creative loafing article borrows heavily from an article done by the Atlanta Business Chronicle with regards to the parking issue. I can’t link to it anymore, its moved to subscriber only on the ABC website. the gist of it though is that the Braves are offering $100 a parking spot to lease and they haven’t found one property management company that will agree. Most have given a hard no, including Cumberland Mall, saying it won’t be fair to their tenants. Just to put lots three miles away into perspective, that would be equivalent of parking in Midtown and taking a bus to Turner Field.

    It will get worked out simply because it has to, failure isn’t an option for the Braves or the County. Just another example of how this was rushed through with the idea of figuring out the details later.

  2. gt7348b says:

    Ummm, $100 is what I rent my parking space out for monthly in midtown. Seems like it might be a problem of not offering enough $

  3. notsplost says:

    Sigh. Do we have to characterize people who take their own personal time and effort to hold government accountable as “gadflies?”

    I wish we had more citizens like Pellegrino. And fewer politicians like Tim Lee.

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