Senator Ligon Endorses Jack Kingston

State Senator William Ligon of Brunswick has endorsed Jack Kingston in the U.S. Senate runoff against David Perdue. In his statement, he says,

In April 2013, well before Stop Common Core efforts had gained much traction around the nation, Rep. Kingston and several of his House colleagues sent a letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan registering an official protest against the coercive nature of Common Core and against the data tracking system associated with the Race to the Top grant, a data system which circumvents many of the original protections of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

“Jack clearly understands how the delicate balance of federalism protects liberty and that the right of the States to direct educational policy is in peril when the Executive Branch of our federal government takes such unilateral actions to direct educational policy,” added Sen. Ligon. “I know that Jack’s position on this issue is not one that will change due to other support he may have in this race.

Ligon, of course, was the sponsor of Senate Bill 167 in the 2014 legislative session. That bill, which would have gone a long way to get Georgia out of the Common Core educational standards, failed to advance in the House.

Pay attention to Ligon’s reference to “other support.” Kingston was endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce, which is a major supporter of the Common Core standards. This has led to some people falling for the logical fallacy that if the US Chamber endorses Kingston and the Chamber endorses Common Core, then Kingston must endorse Common Core, despite ads claiming the contrary.

With his endorsement, Ligon appears to be confident that Kingston will not become a victim of the Chamber’s siren song.