Perdue Sees Your Ligon And Raises You A Williams

Well, Tommie Williams is the former President Pro Tem of the Senate, and he’s backing David Perdue.  From Facebook:


Leadership is absent in Washington. We have people who I believe are well intentioned, but they simply don’t have the ability to make a difference. This year in Georgia we have a chance to elect a proven leader to shake up Washington and actually get results. I believe that leader is David Perdue. I’m proud to endorse him in this runoff election for U.S. Senate.

This was not an easy public endorsement for me to make – I’ve known Congressman Kingston for years, and I’m from his area here in southeast Georgia – but it’s the right thing to do. My endorsement is nothing personal against Congressman Kingston. He’s a fine man who has done some good things for Georgia. I just believe David is better qualified to make a difference in Washington and address the crisis of the day. I meet with candidates routinely who want to run for office and I always ask myself could they lead the body in which they seek to serve. I have no doubt David can and will be a natural leader in the Senate and help save our country.

At the State Capitol in Atlanta, we get results. It’s time we do the same in Washington. It’s going to take new ideas and fresh faces who are willing to work together to move our country forward. David will stand up for Georgia and our conservative values, but even more importantly, he will work everyday to accomplish results, not just grandstand. We’ve got to tackle our $17+ trillion in debt and grow our economy without raising taxes – David can do that.

I had an in-depth discussion with David, and I know he’s solid on the issues. He’ll stand up for agriculture and our farmers, defend our military bases, protect the 2nd amendment, fight for local control in education and oppose an overreaching federal government every step of the way. He has never strayed from his Middle Georgia roots. From growing up on the farm totin’ watermelons to working his way through college by taking warehouse and construction jobs, those common sense values and work ethic stick with him today and will serve him well in Washington.

I know David will be a Senator for all of Georgia – from Vidalia to Dalton, from Bainbridge to Blue Ridge, and everywhere in between David will represent all of our vast, great state. I’m putting my name out on the line because I know David and his wife Bonnie are doing this for the right reasons. I’m happy to help them on this journey. I trust David to fight for my family’s future and hope you’ll join me in doing the same.

I’m voting for David Perdue on July 22nd, and I hope you do too.

Best Regards,

Senator Tommie Williams (Republican – 19)
Vidalia, Georgia”

So, what does this mean?  Tommie Williams is a rare elected Republican that has seen leadership and is backing Perdue.  Ligon – far away from Leadership – represents perhaps the most “anti-Chamber” Wing of the GOP base.  Given that Kingston is actively supported by the Chamber, it appears Kingston continues to consolidate support across the full spectrum of the GOP.  Meanwhile, Senator Williams has joined the ranks of the outsiders.  It’s a long shot gamble to swim upstream.  We’ll see if it pays off.


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  1. jiminga says:

    Why would we elect a man with no legislative experience and no meaningful associations or influence in DC to a six year term in the upper house of Congress? Based on rhetoric and promises? Seems to me doing so would label this period in our history as the “rookie decades” as we recall the disaster of a certain unqualified POTUS.

    Recall the old saying about “the devil we know…..”. Kingston is the devil I know.

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