Michelle Nunn Releases Tax Return Information

For those of you who prefer to evaluate a Senate candidate based on his or her tax return information, you now have a full set of data from which to work, more or less.

Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn released five years worth of IRS Form 1040s to the Associated Press this week. The returns showed:

The couple’s total income ranged from $224,500 in 2009 to a high of about $346,000 in 2012. Last year, the couple’s total income was just over $191,000, as Nunn took a leave of absence after deciding to run for the Senate seat. That year, they claimed about $68,200 in itemized deductions and paid about $26,000 in taxes, or about 13.6 percent of their total income.

In 2012, the couple claimed about $66,800 in itemized deductions and paid just over $84,400 in taxes, or about 23.5 percent of their total income.

As Jim Geraghty points out in National Review Online, forms 990 filed by the Points of Light Foundation where Nunn was CEO show her total compensation, which could include non-taxable benefits, during the five year period detailed in the returns ranged from $197,000 to $322,000.

The Republican candidates battling for the nomination in the July 22nd runoff previously released their tax information. David Perdue released ten years worth of tax returns in May, while Jack Kingston provided five years worth of returns to reporters. Both men released complete returns, including supporting schedules, while Nunn’s forms 1040 do not include details on thinks like capital gains or charitable deductions.