Taxes, Appeals, and Patriotic Duty: Rep. Jacobs Hosting Tax Appeal How-To

I love when legislators do something unexpected…like interact with their constituency! This one is also helping his constituents to file property tax appeals.  That’s MY kind of legislator.  So clearly, receiving the following email from Representative Jacobs put a smile on my face.  What could be more celebratory of Independence Day than telling your county government to take those taxes and shove it?

If you want to memorialize why our nation separated from Britain in a truly patriotic way, or you just need to learn how to navigate the murky waters of tax appeals in Dekalb, please join Rep. Jaobs at 7PM Tuesday, July 1st at Chamblee United Methodist Church, 4147 Chamblee Dunwoody Road.  The deadline for DeKalb County property assessment appeals is July 14.  Fulton County appeals are due July 21.  And before you get bitter about taxes in Dekalb, please remember you could live in Fulton, like me.  Do your duty to your country: fight the taxman.  Full info below the fold.

Reminder – Town Hall Meeting on Property Appeals – July 1
Please join me and Senator Fran Millar for a town hall meeting on Tuesday, July 1, at 7:00 p.m. at Chamblee First United Methodist Church, 4147 Chamblee Dunwoody Road.

Our community has been hit especially hard with property assessment increases for the 2014 tax year.  At this meeting, we will explain in detail how to properly appeal your assessment.  There is more to the appeal process than simply sending a letter that you disagree with your assessment on the basis of fair market value.  However, if armed with the right information, it is a process that homeowners can handle on their own.

The deadline for DeKalb County property assessment appeals is July 14.  Fulton County appeals are due July 21.

We also will discuss state and local issues.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Unless he is sponsoring a bill, like freezing values at what we paid for the property, max. millages or some replacement of the tax or helping the homesteader, this is grandstanding of the worst kind.

    The assessor has their answer ready – just following the law – and the BOC/BOE and all other agencies setting millages act like it is a mystery but our folks need a raise. And the state legislator says, it’s local, so my hands are tied but I’m with you.

    • saltycracker says:

      The real question is not “would you sell your property for the appraisal” but “why didn’t you forecast this much higher tax in your budget when you bought the place ? ”
      Then the fun can begin.

    • saltycracker says:

      When we create one of the world’s greatest (most complex) tax code games, very few feel like they get a fair shake and that’s a problem for our society. But we expend incredible resources playing it.

      • Of course those who want to “fix” it also seem to usually want to maintain the relative tax rate for the same people/companies that benefit from the existing loopholes.

        • saltycracker says:

          No worries as no Democrat or Republican has proposed a plan to really fix it as both sides have their exceptions, exemptions, exclusions….all bona fide….

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