Teya Ryan and Mark Becker Should be Ashamed for Making Atlanta Worse

Mark Becker. (GSU)
Mark Becker (GSU)
Teya Ryan. (GPB)
Teya Ryan (GPB)

A 43-year-old institution has come to an end. 

WRAS was Georgia State’s most recognized and most beloved on-campus organization. It was a cultural icon that launched the careers of numerous musical artists and offering truly unique programming.

Now we will eight hours of “A Prairie Home Companion”, 20 hours (!) of  “Performance Today”, 46 other broadcast hours that mirror WABE and a few, still-undefined number of internships for Georgia State students.

Quite the trade off; we’re all certainly going to benefit from a further homogenization of Atlanta’s media. (In all honesty, this is objectively the greatest loss to Atlanta radio. Even if you prefer classic rock, oldies or 95.5 The Beat, they all played stuff you can hear elsewhere or had heard thousands of times before. Album 88 did none of that.)

All I hope is that people will still write and call GPB (they’re the only ones with the power to stop the partnership) and let them know the deal is “contrary to the public interest,” which it certainly is–consumers gain virtually nothing with GPB entering the Atlanta airwaves.


  1. Charlie says:

    1) It’s a college radio station in a metro area of 5 Million people and a state of 10 Million people.

    2) Most people who reach adulthood reject the melodrama of their teenage years.

    • Ed says:

      What’s your point? It was a great institution that’s now dead. Atlanta is not better for having GPB. People legitimately love Album 88.

      You can call it melodrama if you want but those are kind of the facts.

      • Michael Silver says:

        You’re doing it wrong! Blame BooooSH!

        This deal sucks for the students, which I’m assuming was the whole point of GSU having a radio station. Relegating the students to the midnight shift blows for the student broadcasters and listeners who are sound asleep.

        When I was in engineering college, my dorm-mate was on the radio. His broadcast name was Kirk Fornicate. It was alot of fun listening to him because he was one of us, not corporate mouthpiece. He did great interviews with professors and fellow students that meant something to us. The best was when he interviewed the hottest girl on campus. The two of them were HILARIOUS. She crushed a bunch of dreams that night.

        There is a high value to having a student run radio station to student life. But alas, the Board of Regents just care about money not education of students.

    • Man from Atlanta says:

      The student-run WRAS was a great selling point for GSU and Atlanta among bright, young, creative people. And among bright, creative older people. The kind who fuel our local entertainment industry. The kind who help make Atlanta more interesting and fun. And the station does have influence nationally. Make that DID have influence. GSU’s national reputation is not based on an acclaimed radio station; it now relies on an also-ran football program.

      The perpetrators of this move do not have the best interests of the students, GSU or the metro Atlanta area in mind. Non-metro Georgians ought to be concerned about their NPR station broadcasting Panthers football . . . which no matter what Ed says, is certainly not in OTP’s interest either.

  2. joe says:

    “In all honesty, this is objectively the greatest loss to Atlanta radio.”

    I never heard the station, yet given its limited market, I know that the above statement is a load of crap.

      • joe says:

        A post titled “Teya Ryan and Mark Becker Should be Ashamed for Making Atlanta Worse” cedes objectivity before it even gets started.

        ‘should be ashamed…’ I would be willing to bet that they are proud of what they did, or at most are sorry that they had to make a tough decision, but in any case, not a very objective statement.

        ‘making Atlanta worse’ Things go from bad to worse, they don’t go from good to worse. So in the title of the post, you say that Atlanta is a bad place. Not very objective in my mind.

        Radio stations change formats often, and the iPod has been around since 2001. It does not bother me that my tax money went from supporting to WRAS to supporting GPB, it bothers me that I have to pay for either. (And no, I am not being objective, but I never claimed to be.)

        • Well you must be upset about every college class that doesn’t produce a patented or copyrighted work of art then. If you’re so upset about it, please focus your efforts on shutting down WREK-FM, WUOG-FM, all sports that aren’t men’s football and basketball, etc.

  3. frances25 says:

    Thanks for your post and support. As for the other comments I will say this. I am a 45 year old married graduate of GSU. My husband and I both listen(ed) daily to WRAS on the radio and “were” supporters of GPB. If you don’t love music or originality I guess this would seem silly to you. But I guess you would also prefer a parking lot over The Fox Theater.

    • Ed says:

      Still there! Just no film projector which… is another can of worms. But good god that theater is cold.

  4. onion ring says:

    {Comment redacted by Editor – If you’re going to claim illegal activity based solely on the fact that that’s the only way you can make something make sense, and commit libel in the process, then you are no longer welcome in our commenting community}

  5. Dickson says:

    Prairie Home Companion, as well done as it is — is available ‘on every corner’ — I don’t need 88.5 to hear it — 90.1 has plenty of coverage all over this market — this is/was a stupid decision

  6. prcrlc says:

    Reminds me of when UGA broke WUOGs balls when it became adversarial to the the university administration. All senior staff were replaced, formats changed, and wattage downsized. Tyranny in action.

    We know that Gov. Deal placed Chip Rogers at GPB as part of the national Republican initiative to take over the “liberal” public media. Anyone know Becker’s political bent?

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