Jody Hice Clarifies His Position

10th District Congressional candidate Jody Hice has taken a bit of a beating over the last few days for controversial statements made in a book published back in 2012. While other media broke the news, we covered them in two posts here on Peach Pundit.

The Hice campaign issued a press release in response, including this statement:

“For the record, I believe that serving in public office is an esteemed honor, and a duty that comes with great responsibility. Therefore the decision to serve should not be made lightly, and it should be made as a family – regardless of whether the candidate is a man or a woman. Secondly, I believe our God-given right to free speech and freedom of religion should be protected at all costs and under any circumstances. To clarify, the comments made in my book were only directed toward radical Islamists that plot to wage war on our country and harm our people.”


    • George Chidi says:

      He’s still a fundamentalist Christian theocrat, a standard-issue flim-flamming Georgia religious demagogue. He’s is counting on an electorate that views a religiously-neutral Constitution — as interpreted for the last 230 years — as a crime against their faith. And he’s going to win.

      The portions of the Medina texts of the Koran — put the infidel to the sword and all that — are no more insane at heart than the portions of Leviticus and Acts and Deuteronomy that involve slaying Philistines, enslaving their women and children and similar acts of cruelty that had the ancient kings of Israel questioning God’s will.

      Now, let us hear this baptist preacher equally apply his doctrine — ignore the First Amendment rights of extremists — to those who believe the Bible “is a complete geo-political structure” … like most Dominionist Christian fundamentalists believe.

      The text of his book goes back and forth between describing Islamists as “radical Muslims” and “devout Muslims” and merely Muslims — the all-inclusive kind. To say that his comments were only directed toward “radical Islamists who plot to wage war” is belied by his own text.

      “There is a fundamental contradiction between being a devout Islamic Muslim and respecting the U.S. Constitution and its freedoms,” he writes. “The two ideologies simply cannot coexist!”

      But, he’s going to win.

      The primary voters of his district care more about crapping on people who don’t look like them than they do respect for the law and the Constitution, loud protestations to the contrary aside. Sane Georgians don’t vote in Republican primaries any more because they look like this.

      I wish I could say I was shocked by this semi-coherent Christian con man’s description of a totalitarian disregard for religious rights as its exact opposite. But he knows his audience. They don’t care that he will be ineffective, or that he will materially make the country worse by making it more ungovernable, or that he will bring shame to the district and the party and probably set their own conservative causes back by electing him. By God, they want a man who will tell Muslims from the well of the House and the seat of authority that they’re going to hell, and they’re going to get it, high water be damned.

  1. F. Underwood says:

    Good to know. For a second there I thought he was a he-man woman-hater, Constitutional scholar that didn’t quite understand the 1st and 19th Amendments.

  2. tribeca says:

    Kind of a milquetoast “apology” if you ask me. Notice that while he says the decision to run for office “should be made as a family,” he doesn’t mention whether the husband holds the controlling vote in the “ideal” familial decision-making structure. I would imagine he’s a proponent of the old-school Baptist, “submit to your husband,” school of thought when it comes to that type of thing. Further, as George pointed out, his “I was only referring to bad Muslims” excuse doesn’t hold up when you actually read his “book.”

    Let’s face facts, the man is a bigot, a xenophobe, a homophobe, a misogynist, and an out-and-out ignoramus. About the only thing he hasn’t proven himself to be is a racist, so I guess he has that going for him. Worst of all these things, I honestly don’t think he actually knows how the Constitution works or what it actually says.

    Paul Broun’s mouth and wingnuttery severely marginalized him within the GOP majority to the point that I can’t think of a single thing Broun actually accomplished over the past 7 years (other than, you know, expose Czar Obama’s Fascist/Communist plot to turn America into a modern-day Sodom and Gommorah). Hice is nothing but a louder, dumber, less aware version of Broun. Electing him means continued ineffectual representation for residents of the 10th District and more ignorant/homophobic/xenophobic/misogynistic/embarrassing remarks that further marginalize him and make the rest of us look just as stupid, misguided, and backwards as he is.

  3. Will Durant says:

    Yea verily, I say unto you, it is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Baptist preacher to be a just and Constitutionally adhering lawmaker.

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