Woodall to Become Interim Chair of Republican Study Committee

National Journal is reporting tonight that Georgia 7th District Congressman Rob Woodall will be named the interim chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee when the group meets on Wednesday.

According to the article, Woodall has has been asked not to run for the post in November, when the position becomes open prior to the next congress.

In addition to naming Woodall as interim chair, the group will consider changes to the rules for selecting a new chair.

On several occasions the founders’ pick of a chairman has been challenged by another candidate, who, after collecting signatures from 25 percent of the membership, can then force a group-wide runoff vote. This happened most recently in 2012, when the founders endorsed Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia—only to see him lose to Scalise, the current RSC chairman, in a hotly-contested election.

Seeking to avoid such internecine clashes in the future—which put the founders in the unenviable position of publicly rejecting a candidate who may soon join their exclusive club—RSC leaders are suggesting a new method for choosing a chairman. Under the proposed rule tweak, the founders would interview any member interested in the chairmanship, and then endorse multiple candidates to advance to an election. This would allow the RSC to function more democratically, while still preserving the founders’ role of weeding out ill-suited candidates.

Woodall is the author of the conservative RSC budget, which would balance in just over three years. He serves on the Budget and Rules committees.