Perdue Launches New, Anti-Kingston Website

Republican candidate for United States Senate, David Perdue, announced on Tuesday that his campaign has launched a new, anti-Jack Kingston website. focuses on what Perdue calls “Kingston’s four crowning achievements from over two decades in Congress.”

From the Perdue campaign:

“Congressman Kingston, a long-time appropriator, voted for thousands of wasteful earmarks before they were banned.

“During his 11 congressional campaigns, while Kingston was handing out earmarks with taxpayer money, nearly half of his campaign contributions came from PACs and lobbyists.

“Kingston ran for Congress in 1992 on congressional reform. Among the ideas that he claimed to support, Kingston advocated term limits. Fourteen years and seven terms later, he came up with another reform plan that included energy independence and tax reform. Now, eight years later, the congressman has a ‘new plan that includes energy independence and tax reform.

During his over two decades in Washington, the federal debt has ballooned by $13 trillion from approximately $4 trillion to over $17 trillion. Meanwhile, Kingston has voted numerous times to raise the debt ceiling and even voted to raise his own pay seven times.”


  1. newby says:

    Kingston has worked for Georgia for years. If Perdue wants to try to use that fact to throw mud I guess he can try. Perdue is the ultimate insider and a jean jacket does not change that. I back Jack. Jack’s door will be open to all Georgians. Not so sure Perdue’s would be.

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