Jack Kingston to Receive Two Endorsements Today

Peach Pundit has learned that U.S. Senate candidate Jack Kingston has earned the endorsements of former Georgia GOP State Chairman Sue Everhart and Atlanta Tea Party Patriots co-Founder Debbie Dooley.

In her endorsement, Everhart calls Kingston ‘a conservative of whom we can be proud.’

“Jack Kingston has been in the trenches with Georgia Republicans for over three decades fighting for the causes you and I believe in,” Everhart said. “He is one of us, a lifelong Georgia Republican with a proven conservative record of service. Jack has always been accessible to us while serving in U.S. House and he will be the same in the U.S. Senate. While Jack’s opponent’s message changes with the direction of the wind, Jack Kingston has always been a conservative of whom we can be proud.”

Dooley is expected to personally endorse Kingston this afternoon.

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Here is the press release issued by Debbie Dooley:

Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Tea Party Co-Founder, Debbie Dooley issues a personal endorsement of Congressman Jack Kingston for the U.S. Senate race in Georgia. Debbie is one of 22 activists nationwide that founded the tea party movement in February of 2009.

“I am confident that Jack Kingston will be a conservative fighter in the U.S. Senate and will represent the people – not powerful special interests.”

“Jack has frequently reached out to tea party activists on important bills and he has a record of listening to the voice of the people. He is not one that lives in a proverbial ivory tower that looks down on the 70% of Georgians without college degrees. Jack is down to earth and can relate very well to average Georgians.”

“In 2008, Congressman Kingston broke with Republican House Leadership and President Bush and voted against the “Troubled Assets Relief Plan” and the automaker bailout. We need a U.S. Senator that will stand strong against bailouts like T.A.R.P. and not one that thinks T.A.R.P was a good idea.”

“Jack Kingston has stood with tea party activists and voted against debt ceiling increases and fought hard against Obamacare. I may not agree with every vote Jack Kingston has cast since becoming Congressman, but he has listened to the message that tea party activists began delivering in 2009 and has fought to hold down spending. I feel confident Jack’s door will always be open to conservative activists and he will always be willing to listen to our concerns.”

“I believe that Jack Kingston is the best candidate to defeat Democrat Michelle Nunn. His opponent’s demeaning remarks about those without college degrees will surely be played repeatedly by the Democrats in campaign ads – much like Mitt Romney’s comments about the 47% came back to haunt him. We have to have to defeat Michelle Nunn and hold Georgia in the Republican column if Republicans have any hope of taking back the Senate.”


  1. Three Jack says:

    Debbie Dooley on Jack Kingston Feb. 2013:

    “I would probably not get involved publicly unless there was a run-off between a Jack Kingston type candidate and a conservative type candidate.”

    “GOP Rep. Jack Kingston Wants to Make Peace With Obamacare…We don’t want another Saxby Chambliss or someone that will easily concede defeat.”

    “three Jack, What exactly is your role in the Kingston campaign?”

    “He says one thing about doing what he can to fight ObamaCare then says oh well it’s the law of the land so we have to fund it.”

    “What about the fact many refer to him as the pork king in Georgia?”

    “Introducing good legislation does not erase your past record. He loves pork. He has changed his position on tax increases per the articles I posted, which you keep ignoring because they aren’t favorable to Kingston.”

    “I care about fiscal issues and limited government issues. I don’t like big government Republicans that are big spenders. Kingston is a big spender. He can’t run away from his record.”

    “Kingston will not be the nominee and if he were, not sure what I would do.”

    Can’t wait to hear her endorsement speech, should be a flip-flop whopper of epic proportions.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I also stated few weeks ago that I had changed my mind. Since those statements in 2013, I have discussed many of my concerns with Jack on numerous occasions and analyzed what I was told. I was wrong on some of the issues because my facts were found to be wrong after further investigation. He voted against TARP and bailouts and opposed raising the debt ceiling numerous times since 2006. I changed my opinion of Congressman Kingston in April of last year. There are many Congressmen that voted for pork before the tea party came on the scene and raised awareness on fiscal matters. The same Congressmen heeded the tea party message and some have become strong fighters with tea party values.. It is never too late to do the right thing..

    Three Jack, are you clearly that is always right in decisions and statements and have never regretted things you have done? Kingston did change direction.

    • Three Jack says:


      My point goes back to when I first said you as a TP founder should avoid getting into individual races. When you make a stand, you should stand by it. You don’t, thus your endorsements become meaningless as folks realize you are no different than every other politicial pawn.

      You cannot on one hand criticize a congressman with a 20 year record as being a ‘big government Republican / big spender’ and call him the ‘pork king’, then turn around and write Kingston ‘has fought to hold down spending’. Or when you write, ‘GOP Rep. Jack Kingston Wants to Make Peace With Obamacare’. Then 1 year later state that Kingston “fought hard against Obamacare’. Do you see how one could question your credibility?

      This is another reason why so many folks have become disheartened with the TP. And to be clear, I was one of the original supporters, was there taking pics of you, JBM, Julianne and others at the first big rally in Atlanta as a volunteer for JBM. I along with many others want to support the TP, but cannot as long as y’all keep wading into races and battles that stray from the original intent. This endorsement of a candidate you despised just a year ago is laughable and just adds to the tarnish on your TP image.

      • debbie0040 says:

        In other words, Three Jack, you supported the tea party as long as we were just focused on going after Democrats on a national level and did not hold Republicans accountable for bad policy on the state and local level. There was as much anger at the Republicans at the first few tea parties as there was directed at Democrats.

        Tea party activists are getting involved with races and have been since 2010. That won’t change. There are some like you that believe we should just show up in November and vote for the Republican nominee and just embrace the Republican nominee and not be involved with the selection process. That is not going to happen either.

        Have not heard you criticize candidates that strongly blast other candidates during the GOP Primary, then a few weeks or months later praise the candidate when they endorse them either in the run off or the general election. This has been going on as long as I can imagine. Remember Bush 41 and his statement as a candidate and Reagan’s voodoo economics?

        I investigated the facts about Jack Kingston and did an in depth research into his voting record and found I was wrong on several issues. I also found that Congressmen that were considered tea party champions were big earmarkers at one time – including Ron Paul. People can change direction and as I stated, it is never too late to do the right thing.

        I made no endorsement during the primary and just let the candidates fight it out for a runoff spot.

        • Three Jack says:


          Are you kidding? You blast a GOPer then turn around 1 year later to endorse him and accuse me of just supporting GOPers because of their party? Do you even read what you write? Or what I have been writing for years?

          If you would have ‘investigated’ Kingston’s record last year when I provided numerous links to refute your posts, you would have known then what you apparently have discovered now. But you didn’t so you attacked him without knowing what you were doing thus another reason your endorsement has so little credibility.

          • debbie0040 says:

            And you have credibility Three Jack? Get real. Everyone knows who I am. I take full responsibility for what I say. On the other hand, you hide behind a moniker like a coward making statements without revealing who you are. Are you afraid to make public those statements under your name? Are you that much of a coward? You can pretend to be anything or even pretend to have beliefs you don’t have as long as you stay in hiding…

            • Three Jack says:


              Nice try. You need to realize that I am on the side of the TP, at least as it originated soon after Rick Santelli gave his little speech from the Chicago Board of Trade – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcvSjKCU_Zo That is why I and so many others are disappointed, the message is no longer clear.

              If I were you, I would have just stayed out of the GA senate race. None of the major candidates are worthy of TP support. But I guess you have an insatiable need for ego stroking so you jumped in despite not really liking the candidate you endorsed. I don’t care what name you call yourself, that act damages your credibilty (did any major media outlet run with it?).

              My name is Bart Brannon, but I have posted that before in response to one of your attempted pivot tirades about cowardice. If you visit my facebook page and click on the album entitled ‘Tea Party Atlanta – 4/15/09’ you will find pics I took of the first TP event including an ironic one with you, JBM and Amy posing with Sean Hannity. I wish you folks would not have strayed so far from the theme of that event.

              • debbie0040 says:

                Did we get in a heated discussion online over the tax-payer financing of the Braves stadium? I thought I remembered that you supported the Braves funding of the new stadium. Correct me if I am mistaken and it was someone else.. Tax -payers should not be bailing out the Braves and help fund the new stadium.. That goes against why we formed. Remember the mortgage bailouts and TARP and automakers ?

                We are staying true to our principles and that is why we are still around despite predictions we were a flash in the pan. Every issue we address falls inline with our core values.

                So you are a mind reader that knows my thoughts? For your information, I do like Jack. As I have stated earlier, things have changed since 2-2013. He and I have communicated often about important bills over the past year. Do I agree with him on everything? No, but I know he cares and listens to activists about what they think. Jack has altered course when activists speak loudly enough. He has a record, so I know where he is going to stand on things. He doesn’t try to play games and explains his thought process. He stood with tea party activists 85% – 90% of the time the past year. I know he has a record of not voting for debt ceiling increases. I know he does not support bailouts. I know he stands strong against illegal immigration. I know he fought hard against Obamacare trying to get it repealed through any means necessary – even through legislation that made it weaker. I made the decision months ago to support Jack if the race came to him or Perdue.

                Yes he asked for pork projects but I was surprised to find out Ron Paul was at the top as far as requesting pork. That was during a time that Congressmen and Senators were under tremendous pressure to support President Bush and what he wanted and they were being pulled in one direction. The tea party was not around to pull in a different direction and stop the bad policies. . Kingston did go against the wishes O President Bush on several bills in 2008.

                We need the strongest candidate to take on Michelle Nunn and I believe Jack is that candidate. A Libertarian is not going to win. We need to take back the U.S. Senate..

  3. View from Brookhaven says:

    I miss April. It’s wasn’t so damn hot and Jack Kingston was a big government, earmark-lovin’ establishment water-carrier.

    The pollen was rather irritating, though.

  4. saltycracker says:

    As the politicos rally around Kingston and garner support to send troops back to Iraq, the voters just might think too many connections and run with Perdue.

    Did Kingston flip on term limits ?

  5. DrGonzo says:

    Way to fight against the Establishment there, Debbie. I reiterate my intention to not vote for either Perdue or Kingston, in a runoff or in a general election. They’re both Chamber of Commerce lackeys. If it helps Michelle Nunn win, so be it. Unflinching party loyalty only helps to get us more of the same lip-service we’ve been getting for decades now.

    I’d encourage Tea Party types, those of us who aren’t in the leadership of the GOP or the Tea Party groups like Debbie and Jenny Beth Martin, to stop sending money. To everyone.

    No more donations to the GOP, the NRC, the NRCC, all of them. No more donations to Tea Party Patriots and all their groups either.

    Give your money to candidates that will shake up the status quo. And if the election ends up giving you choices that are all establishment/status quo (like our GOP Senate runoff) then don’t vote, or write in another candidate.

    I love getting the RNC/GOP fundraising junkmail. Isakson just sent me one the other day, asking for money for his 2016 re-election campaign. I sent back a blank form and a note asking to be removed from his list, and also politely encouraging him to retire. We need to quit providing any individual money to these candidates and show the public that the only support these politicians have is special interests.

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