Westmoreland: IRS “is Hiding Something”

Last Friday, the IRS told House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp that two years’ worth of emails that former IRS exempt organizations division director Lois Lerner sent to outside organizations had been “lost” in a computer crash. 

“It’s apparent that the IRS is hiding something,” says Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-3). “I’m not an IT expert but I don’t see how emails can be suddenly lost with how sophisticated our technology is these days, especially when government emails are usually stored on a server, not a hard drive. How did they just now realize that two years’ worth of emails were missing when we have been asking for them to turn over related documents, including emails, for over a year? It’s like claiming your dog ate your homework.”

The U.S. House voted last month to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress for her refusal to comply with House investigations. 


  1. notsplost says:

    The question at this point for Democrats as well as Republicans is whether they are willing to defend the rule of law and the Constitutional separation of powers/checks and balances.

    I am sure that decent guys like Ron Wyden and Steny Hoyer would be more comfortable just taking a pass on this as it’s “their administration” in the White House doing the lawbreaking, but their just might be a future Republican administration that takes this example and goes even further in the future.

    Kind of like how allowing Bush II to get away with renditions and suspensions of habeas corpus led to the current state of affairs with the NSA and drone killings.

  2. Hardly says:

    When will the lamestream media finally connect the dots: Benghazi –> Bergdahl –> Fast & Furious –> Agenda 21 –> IRS –> Michelle’s Whitey tape –> Obama=Kenyan anti-Christ –> “global warming” –> Benghazi?!?

    Keep pushing for the truth Rep. Westmoreland!!

    • DrGonzo says:

      I’m not an IT ‘expert’ either, but even I know e-mails are stored on off-site servers, not on your frickin hard drive. The excuses out of IRS and the Administration are laughable to anyone with a scintilla of technical knowledge. This is either an obvious case of willful obstruction, or our government is not following the same laws they require EVERY OTHER AMERICAN BUSINESS to follow with regards to e-mail/records retention. IRS can’t be bothered to retain records for more than two years, but if they want to audit me for 1995 and I can’t produce my records, I might as well get out my checkbook, because they don’t accept that excuse. It’s bull shoi.

  3. FranInAtlanta says:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t like what the IRS did but I thought I would share what I know.
    First, I have been in situations where there was a rash of disk failures – low bidder and all that for a lot of PCs.
    E-Mail system supposedly used for Lerner is similar to one that one of my employers used and this is the description as I remember it.
    Each employee is allocated space within the Microsoft Exchange – used for Inbox and Sent. Sub heads can be created under Inbox or Sent but whatever is stored under those sub-heads counts against the allocated space.
    E-mails that one wants to save beyond the Exchange space are saved in what are called Personal Files. E-Mail folders are created by subject or date or whatever the person chooses and usually contain multiple E-Mails.
    Backups of Personal E-Mail files will contain the latest version of each file and any earlier versions of the files for some period in the past (last backup system I knew in detail used a three month period). If I remember correctly, until a Personal File is compressed, it contains deleted E-Mails, but they cannot be accessed by an amateur.
    All that said, I suspect that there was a time when Lerner’s E-Mails could have been retrieved from recipients or those who were copied, but I am betting those days are long gone.
    When I worked for a government contractor (and I am guessing it was a government rule), we were encouraged to get rid of all E-Mail more than three months old. I was sloppy about it and had my E-Mails summoned in a court case. My boss laughed at me for being so stupid as not to erase my older E-Mails. I am betting no IRS employee was so stupid.
    Am hoping this is clear, but if it is not, I will try to be more clear.

  4. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “”It’s like claiming your dog ate your homework.””

    …A preview of the IRS’ next claim.

  5. saltycracker says:

    The fired US Attorneys served at the pleasure of the President.
    The Tea Party does not serve at the pleasure of the IRS.

    From there it gets complicated particularly if we are playing some get even game.

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