Johnny Isakson Named to VA Reform Bill Conference Committee

In the wake of revelations about the quality of care some veterans are receiving at VA hospitals across the country, the House and Senate passed separate bills to reform the way healthcare is administered through the VA. The House passed its bill on June 10th, while the Senate passed its bill the following day.

Because the bills are different, a conference committee has been appointed to reconcile differences. Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson was named to the panel. In a press release, Isakson commented on the appointment:

The culture of corruption and misconduct within the VA has gone on for far too long. I look forward to being a part of the effort to fix the VA’s problems and put into place reforms to instill a system of accountability for the future. We owe veterans nothing more than everything we can do to see to it that promises made about their health care are fulfilled. That’s a passion of mine, and I’m always going to be committed to it.

The House named it’s representatives to the committee on Wednesday. According to Politico, no timeframe has been set for the committee to meet.