Deal Takes On Carter Over Education In Pair Of New Ads

Nathan Deal wants to know why Jason Carter says he wants to increase education spending, but voted against Deal’s budget with the largest increase in education spending in 7 years, after voting for the previous 3 budgets that Carter now says were inadequate.  It’s a fair question, one that we’ll likely hear a lot between now and November.  These particular ads will be run statewide starting tomorrow through the end of the month.

The ads are broken down into “Funding”:

And “Politics”.

The Deal camp has concluded Carter’s votes are more about politics, as he only voted against the budget with the most funding.


  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Carter’s youth, inexperience and naivete will be his undoing down the stretch in this race.

  2. jiminga says:

    Carter’s ads are full of rhetoric about education while actual plans, other than throwing money at a perceived problem, are totally absent. Sounds like another democrat (?) that’s in the White House. Speeches don’t solve problems. Solutions do.

    • George Chidi says:

      All political ads are full of rhetoric and short on detail, unless you think you can squeeze a five-page policy paper on education into a 30 second spot.

      The most generous accounting of Georgia’s education spending — adjusting for regional cost of living — puts us 38th in the country. In raw dollar terms, we’re bottom five. We’re also bottom five in education results. It’s not always about money when you’re talking about school issues. But sometimes it is.

      Carter recognizes that Georgia’s screwed if it doesn’t view education as a competition with other states. Stripping education out of the general budget is a start.

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