Air War Resumes in Georgia Senate Race

It was bound to happen, the question was when.

The runoff campaign for the open Senate seat heated up today with the release of a new TV ad by the David Perdue campaign called Spender, which slams his opponent, Jack Kingston, for raising the debt ceiling and spending money on earmarks.

The Kingston campaign is apparently ready to fight back. According to an article in The Hill this morning,

Kingston’s first ad ties Perdue to companies whose boards he served on that took stimulus money and for his membership with the National Retail Federation, which backed immigration reform that Kingston’s campaign paints as “amnesty.”

Ever since picking up endorsements from also-rans Karen Handel and Phil Gingrey, Kingston has led in the polls by at least a ten point margin. While the two candidates haven’t been on the air themselves, each has had ads run by outside PACs.

Television advertising is expensive. While the Perdue campaign has the ability to self-fund, the Kingston campaign must raise the cash necessary to be on the air. An inability to match Perdue in ad spending could cause Kingston’s poll margin to shrink.

Today, the Kingston campaign announced an endorsement by the Business-Industry Political Action Committee.

The July 22nd runoff if five weeks away. Early voting starts June 30th.

Disclosure: I volunteer for the Kingston campaign.

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  1. Bill Arp says:

    The last thing we need is another redneck in blue jean jacket making decisions for Georgia. We have had enough Perdue in Georgia. Nathan Deal has spent most of his 4 years in office cleaning up ol Sonnys mess. Go fly a kite, or rather go fish!

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