Morning Reads 16 June 2014

The World Cup is upon us. So far the group play has not been disappointing for excitement. Especially in the Spain v. Netherlands game. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


Look who’s helping out in the Senate race.
Gov. Deal has some words for school boards.
Need a breakdown of how Georgia Students did on the CRCT?
Did you miss the 11th district debate between Barr and Loudermilk? The MDJ has you covered.
There’s a third person running for Governor?


Need some Bitcoins? The US Marshals are auction a few thousand off.
Family names
continue in congress. (NPR Audio)
IRS head
‘s emails wiped out in a computer carsh? This seems unlikely to me.
Things are not looking pretty in the Middle East right now.
Colombian Presidential Elections sen as a referendum on peace.

Everything Else

Cassey Kasem of the Top 40 Count Down and Scooby Doo, has passed away.
The genius that was Jimi Hendrix.



  1. Ellynn says:

    Deal didn’t technically say anything to the Georgia School Boards Association, due to weather.

    But after reading the remarks he would had made, I can just guess the reaction to the following line after stating how additional state funds were used to increase teacher pay and eliminating furlough days – “I hope that you have had parents and media knocking on your doors thanking you for that!”

  2. gcp says:

    SSG Jason McDonald of Butler, Ga. was one of five killed last week in Afghanistan possibly as a result of a “friendly fire” incident.

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