Morning Reads for Friday, June 13, 2014

Jessica’s back!
now available online.
– June kicks off many
Civil War remembrances across the state.
Paulding County boondoggle?
– John Bessis, Georgia Highlands student, carrying a cross across Georgia.
– I saw what you did there.
– Ever hear of Andrew Hunt, third candidate for Governor?

Remembering Payne Stewart at Pinehurst.
– UGA developed the turf for the World Cup.
Russian bombers near California coast. Keep Calm.
Joker P is gone, gone, gone.
– Queue the music! I just love it when someone makes a “barricades” reference!

Random Everywhere:
Some soccer thing started yesterday.
– Pass the eye bleach, please.
You keeping saying that word “flat-broke.” It does not mean what you think it means.
Whopper solar flares aid and abet Friday the 13th. And no, wrapping your phone in tin foil won’t help.



  1. Noway says:

    Paulding County film studio? Gimme a break. Maybe they’d make money remaking “Deliverance!”

  2. Harry says:

    It will be worse for the Dems in November than 2006 was for the GOP. Dems start from a lower number of sitting members of congress.

    • Michael Silver says:

      Our choices for the Senate really suck.

      Choice 1 is an intentionally impotent DC Insider that continuously funds the most corrupt administration in our nation’s history and that has been bought by interests that believe Israel is what is wrong in the Middle -East.

      Choice 2 is a Crony Capitalist that wants to flood our nation with cheap immigrant labor and to expand government revenue so that the wallets of his buddy CEO’s get fatter.

      Meanwhile, the Tea Party is spending its energy on a Defense Attorney in North Georgia.

  3. Three Jack says:

    So as all you loyal GOPers go to vote in November, just know you are voting for an ethically challenged governor who somehow manages to stay just ahead of the law. This time it will cost taxpayers almost $2M to pay off those he removed from the ethics commission as they were about to subpoena him a few years ago. –

    Georgia can do better and deserves better. Jason Carter is not the answer so we will be stuck with a bad Deal for at least the next few years. Unless of course the law finally catches up to this scoundrel and forces him to resign. One can hope!

  4. Ghost of William F. Buckley says:



    You really ought to look at intent and then get back to us with your incisive commentary about Gov. Deal. The relentless attention paid by GOP’ers and Dems on so-called ethical violations are essentially technical fouls.

    I know some in the PP community want ethics to be the highest ideal of any public official, along with goals of creating good JOBS, decreasing unemployment, lowering taxes, paving roads, and better education ‘for the children,’ saving puppies, and an unbeaten UGA season.

    Gov. Deal gets results, the rest of it is noise,

    Enjoy the full moon and your Friday the 13th, pally.

    • xdog says:

      People can tolerate actions by their representatives that fall far short of ‘the highest ideal’ of ethical behavior and still find Deal’s interference with the ethics commission’s oversight and investigative responsibilities to be cheap and shabby and probably illegal, not to mention unethical.

      I agree with the guy, probably a donk, who suggested Deal re-imburse the state out of his campaign funds.

      • Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

        Don’t get me wrong, the $3MM spent turns my stomach.

        The whole of it is indeed cheap, shabby and contrived. It seems that the charges were over technical nature over matters without ill intent.

        This Gov. will never see a day without the words ‘marred by ethical questions,’ in it.

        • Will Durant says:

          The Real Deal to me is not the original infraction but the obvious subversion of the ethics committee. The findings of the cleansed committee and their ultimate punishment for the infraction are tainted and not even relevant because of the forced removal of their members. If they weren’t forced or valid then the jury would have found otherwise and the State wouldn’t be paying out the taxpayer dollars to settle. Can all this be legally linked to the Governor? Doubtful. But as with Balfour the voters don’t necessarily require the “beyond a reasonable doubt” thing.

          • Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

            All true in the debit column, but typical voters will look at the credit column and see so much more. Therein lies the rub – We justify bad behavior saying, “Well they ALL do that. Or, he’s no worse than the others. Etc.etc.”

            Which is how poor outcomes in public voting, like certain DeKalb Commissioners and their aides, Don Balfour, or even Mayor Marion, ultimately come about. We ELECT them.

            Compared to that, why Gov. Deal is a PEACH, though, eh lads?

            My primary objection to ol’ hoss, Three Jack is that his comment alludes to removal of office as a hope. That’s BS, it is worse for any State to have the Governor removed from office than having an ‘ethically challenged’ Governor.

            Our State could be more transparent and reign in Sunshine Laws like Florida, but then, that would change everything and well, that is not very likely now is it?

            DeKalb is about to explode.

            Mark this point in time because your ethically challenged Governor may help resolve a disgrace that makes his so-called transgressions look like taking a midnight wizz on your least favorite neighbors rosebush.

            • Three Jack says:


              First I would love for you to provide examples of “Gov. Deal gets results, the rest of it is noise.” Typical soundbite of those who accomplish nothing while enriching themselves doing ‘public service’. Unless of course you define ‘results’ as ethical lapses.

              As far as hoping for a resignation, that will be the quickest resolution if/when his ethical misbehavior finally catches up to him. It will be far better for him to resign than drag GA through another long series of rumors, ethics hearings and possible court filings. This assumes he manages to avoid additional charges until November.

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