Morning Reads — Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello my peoples. After a nice, wholesome tour in GA-12, I have returned to Peach Pundit (and Addlana)…with the Liberty Drum still intact. So let’s do it to it.

On this day in 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. I was 5.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Ellynn says:

    In a piece of cheesie irony, the same research cited in the orginal FDA memo also pointed out that some cheese types aged on plastic or metal boards can create even worse problems then the wood boards… It’s not the boards people, it how they are cleaned and stored. It took a NY state level inspetor who doesn’t know how to make chees to start the ball of silliness rolling and the fine folks at the Univeristy of Wisconsin Center of Dairy Research to stop it (Thank you over paid union thugs of the Ivory Tower class!!!)

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Jessica S., our Second Amendment superhero returns….Thanks for the news!

  3. MattMD says:

    In other news, Iraq is breaking up.

    George W’s place in history (and Presidential ranking) is going to be bad. Real bad.

    • Will Durant says:

      He still has a warm place in the hearts of Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon, United Technologies, Northrop…

      I suspect in years to come even our current President, if he could be honest on the subject, would admit how correct President Eisenhower was in his departing speech.

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