Barr Endorses Loudermilk

Ok, I’ll admit that I don’t like most endorsement posts, but this headline…it just needed to happen.

Representative Timothy Barr, no known relation to Loudermilk’s opponent Bob Barr, has endorsed Barry Loudermilk over his namesake for the 11th Congressional District runoff. The official reason given via press release reads as follows:

“Barry Loudermilk is the definition of a statesman. He understands that the primary role of government is to protect the God given rights of the individual. He has a proven record of standing firm under immense pressure from both leadership and opposing sides. We are in dire need of more leaders in Washington like Barry Loudermilk, and that’s why I am proud to endorse him. Barry will serve his constituents well and make all of Georgia proud to have him in our delegation.”

Unofficially, Rep. Barr was unable to be reached to confirm that he’s tired of the term “Weathervane” sullying his good family name.

At the risk of losing our title of HandelPundit, I should note that Karen Handel endorsed Loudermilk earlier this week.