Another #GASen Poll Finds Kingston in the Lead

In a new InsiderAdvantage poll released today, Jack Kingston leads Senate opponent David Perdue by eleven points. The poll, which was taken Tuesday evening, shows 46% of voters would pick Kingston, 35% would choose Perdue, and 19% are undecided. The poll has a 4.9% margin of error.

A Morris News story in the Savannah Morning News quotes Insider Advantage’s Matt Towery as saying,

Kingston has a comfortable lead at present, but it has the potential to become a precarious lead. Key demographic groups, such as female voters and voters age 65 and over, are much more evenly split. Also, contrary to some earlier surveys, our poll suggests that there is a larger undecided vote.

Whether the [U.S. House Majority Leader Eric] Cantor loss will somehow impact the Georgia race remains to be seen. The July 22 primary race has many more weeks to go, so the numbers could change substantially as we get closer to the actual vote.