How To Lose

There are many political consultants that will take your money and tell you how to lose an election.  Of course, they’ll say they’re telling you how to win.  Some are, and some are using you to fake it til they make it.  If you win, they claim success.  If you don’t, they’re often no where to be found.  There’s no one left to tell you how to lose.

I’ve written about my experience on my one and only time (ever, insert Shermanesque statement here) ending a campaign.  It’s still around for those who care to take a peek.

Colin Martin recently came up short in his race to be Mayor of Columbus Georgia.  He ran a very respectable campaign on a shoestring budget.  He came up short.  And he wrote this.

If you’re going to put your heart and soul into a campaign, to try and improve the circumstances and trajectory of the place you have called home your entire life, then you should probably read his piece first.  (go ahead, click the link, and read it.) It’s what you need to be able to say about your campaign when it’s over, whether you have won or come up short.  This is how you lose, if you do.  And it demonstrates that before, during, and after this campaign, Colin Martin is a winner.


  1. drjay says:

    good for him, i was much too bitter and heartbroken to be gracious or to take anything positive away from the last election i lost…

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