Governor Deal To Reorganize DFACS

WSB’s Lori Geary tweeted and now the AJC is reporting that Governor Deal is reorganizing the Department of Family and Children’s Services, pulling DFACS out of the Department of Human Services and having the director report directly to the Governor.  Per the AJC report:

It comes after the highly publicized deaths of two metro Atlanta children and reports in the AJC that DFCS workers’ mistakes contributed to at least 25 deaths in 2012.

Deal has since backed a plan to spend $27 million over the next three years to hire more than 500 DFCS caseworkers and supervisors. And he also formed a council comprised of lawmakers and experts charged with studying broader changes to the system, including the privatization of some foster care services.

DFACS has had a questionable operating history across numerous administrations.  More money had already been allocated as noted above.  Now it looks like the agency is getting the prominence in the bureaucratic pecking order that it deserves so that activities – and problems – can be monitored and hopefully corrected more regularly and efficiently.


  1. bucky says:

    Finally! This agency is way too important to be buried in the bureaucracy of DHS. Sharon Hill is the best director they’ve had in years, and I hope she gets a chance to show what she can do freed from the larger agency.

  2. Ellynn says:

    I believe the term ‘restructuring’ would be better the ‘reorganizing’. You can ‘re-‘ something if it never really had it in the first place.

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