Controversial Dodge County Election Back in the News

A 2008 voter fraud case in Dodge County that has already sent two people to jail is back in the news.

The Macon Telegraph is reporting that the Georgia State Election board wants state prosecutors to look at seven names in 2008 Dodge County voter fraud allegations, despite a plea deal that may have closed the case when it sent two of the people to prison.

State allegations vary among the seven people, including unlawful possession of ballots and vote buying in the 2008 general primary.

The board “cannot get out in front of a criminal investigation, which is what has been going on up to this point, so that is why we’re just now acting on these matters,” says Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

In the 2010 plea deal, former Sheriff Lawton Douglas and Chief Deputy Olin Gibson agreed to serve time on 2004 federal felony vote-buying charges. In return, similar federal investigations into Douglas’ 2008 attempt at re-election were closed.