Internal Polling Shows Substantial Lead For Kingston

Internal polling is showing that Congressman Jack Kingston has a 14 point lead over David Perdue. From a campaign email sent by Ben Tarbutton:

Today I’m excited to share with you that our internal numbers show an even stronger double-digit lead. According to our poll which was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, Jack Kingston leads his opponent 49-34 – a 14 point spread!

The polling was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, and you can see the memo plus cross tabs in PDF form here.



  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    Interesting turn of events since the primary. Is the runoff over already? Is is possible for Perdue to turn this thing round?

  2. Three Jack says:

    Kind of sadly ironic that GA which is home to a couple of big time Tea Party leaders will more than likely elect another lifelong politician to be the next senator. Nothing against Kingston, but if anybody thinks we are getting somebody more fiscally conservative than Chambliss, they would be mistaken. Neither has a record of fiscal reform but both are great at never, ever, ever opposing bloated Ag bills.

    (not so)Bold prediction…a self identified fiscal conservative will sometime next year post a comment longing for the good ol days when conservative Saxby Chambliss was our senator.

    • View from Brookhaven says:

      Yeah…Kingston is a career politician who loves earmarks, but Perdue called Handel a big dummy and the Tea Party types took offense to that by extension, so he’s screwed.

  3. Stefan says:

    Those are some weak cross-tabs. I would venture to say they aren’t even crosstabs. There should be a chart after the demographic makeup that actually shows how they break down for each candidate, at the very least.


    That said, David Perdue needs to go buy all the tv.

    • xdog says:

      Yeah, real cross-tabs are missing and what info they do post is odd. Median age 55, 50/50 m/f, the reference to the Dothan/Tallahassee area. Who are those people?

      On the other hand, I don’t doubt Kingston has a substantial lead right now. Perdue needs to take the fight to Kingston soon or he risks being overwhelmed.

      I don’t know anything about McLaughlin but their website claims an impressive client list, including Georgians Doug Collins, Nathan Deal, Casey Cagle, Sam Olens, Gary Black, John Barge, Deke Copenhaver.

      • KD_fiscal conservative says:

        Deal’s and Collins run off campaigns were won by a well executed smear campaign(neither was lead by McLaughlin). Doug Collins(via Chip Lake et al) in particular, started throwing all kinds of mud and eventually some of it stuck. The difference with this race is Kingston and his supporters are being proactive and have already started to define Perdue as a shifty out of touch moderate. Also Kingston has a base of supporters who already know him.

        • Brian Sebastian says:

          How exactly is it that you have knowledge of the relationships of Doug Collins’ and Nathan Deal’s runoff campaign polling to their respective messaging strategies?…

          • KD_fiscal conservative says:

            @Brain…Lets just say I know stuff.

            Also, ‘KD’ definitely does not stand for Kappa Delta.

            As far as being an ‘insider’…I like to pretend that I am on the internets.

    • Cumming says:

      It’s a fund raising memo, not targeted to political junkies. The last paragraph mentions that he can win ‘with sufficient resources’.

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