Widow Of Calvin Hill Endorses Wes Cantrell

Wes Cantrell, who is facing Meagan Biello in a Republican primary run-off race, earned the support of the late Calvin Hill’s wife: Cheryl Hill. From a press release:

CANTON, Ga. — Wes Cantrell, Republican candidate for Georgia House District 22, received the endorsement of Cheryl Hill today. Mrs. Hill is the widow of the late Representative Calvin Hill, who previously represented House District 22 until his untimely passing in late 2013.

“The main reason I decided to run for this office is because of the legacy of Calvin Hill. I became very concerned after the special election that Representative Hill’s legacy was not being fulfilled,” said Cantrell. “I want to lead in the same way that Calvin Hill led – as a representative that people respect and enjoy working with to find solutions to the issues facing Georgia. That’s why it is extremely gratifying and humbling to have the endorsement of Calvin’s widow Cheryl, and of his children Matt and Amanda.”

Cheryl Hill expressed her excitement at supporting Wes Cantrell and his campaign. Hill said, “I am honored that Wes looks to my husband as a guiding light for his actions while serving us. I know Calvin always had the best interests of this district at heart, and I feel confident in supporting Wes because I know he will lead the same way.”

The endorsement from the Hill family comes on the heels of Cantrell garnering the most votes in the primary on May 20, despite campaigning for a quarter of the time his two opponents did. Hill’s support follows the endorsements of Representatives Michael Caldwell and Scot Turner, and State Senator Bruce Thompson – all representatives of Cherokee County in the state legislature.

Cantrell continued, “I want this district to once again have the representation it has come to expect from its public servants. My promise to the Hill family, and most importantly to all families in House District 22, is that I will honor that legacy of public service. I don’t take any support for granted, and I will continue to visit with as many residents as possible.”

The Republican Runoff in Georgia will take place on July 22. Wes Cantrell garnered 38.01% of the vote in the three way primary on May 20.


  1. Tom Taylor says:

    Glad to see this. Calvin was a great friend, mentor, a the epitome of a true Christian gentleman.

  2. Tom Taylor says:

    Glad to see this. Calvin was a great friend, mentor, AND the epitome of a true Christian gentleman.


  3. Anyone But Chip says:

    Yep. Sends a VERY strong message. Those pesky activists that don’t like the way the county political party has been run for the past 8-10 years are making inroads and need to be put in their place. Let’s play up on a dead politicians unassailable record and make sure that this gets squashed down.

    Calvin Hill: Christian, Gentleman, Good Person – by all reports.

    Architect of the “one man, one vote” fallacy that changed the mode of election for BOE and Commission and strong supporter of gerrymandering Cherokee districts to secure certain representatives and force others into competition – absolutely.

    There are a lot “good people” that play at extremely nasty politics. Lets not forget that the Chipster was the chief saint of this clergy of God fearing Christian gentleman (and lady) who ruled Cherokee with an iron fist.

    It has been hinted that Caldwell and Turner actively recruited Wes Cantrell when they could not conceive of Biello teaming up with Beach and reducing their own power within the Cherokee County Legislative Delegation.

    In the end, it’s a very astute political maneuver and should be viewed as such, but as a message to HD22 voters it suggests more that there is a power void in Cherokee and there is great fear that moderates and governance types might actually be making progress.

    • Three Jack says:


      “Let’s play up on a dead politicians unassailable record and make sure that this gets squashed down” Calvin Hill is much more than a “dead politician”. In fact, his accomplishments outside politics are numerous and serve to define his life much more than the relatively short time he spent as a state representative. Your disparaging remark shows a true lack of understanding and character on your part.

      • Anyone But Chip says:

        I’m not sure how much clearer I could be. I am not questioning his character one bit or his accomplishments outside of politics. His family was asked to and provided an endorsement on his behalf for a campaign. This is purely a political action and I attempted to separate the message from the man.

        I am sorry if it was construed as anything else… I had hoped the statement “Calvin Hill: Christian, Gentleman, Good Person – by all reports.” would establish I was not calling his personal character into question.

    • Yeah, that’s fundamentally not true. I attended one of Caldwell’s open coffee sessions a couple weeks before the primary, and he still hadn’t decided which HD22 “horse” he was going to back yet. I’m not sure why Biello supporters are going the paranoid conspiracist route… it smacks of desperation.

      • Anyone But Chip says:

        Because a politician would never hedge his bets or obfuscate. Sam Moore clearly stated he had knowledge of the recruitment in his “farewell letter” and there are accounts of gold dome staffers questioning the push for a third candidate in the race before Wes received his divine intervention. It’s pretty clear that Wes has two stories himself, one of which states he was approached to run.

        Turner has shown a propensity to meddle in local races himself. Kelly Marlow had not yet resigned from the board after her conviction when he contacted John Marinko in an effort to run for her seat. From the Cherokee Tribune: “Marinko said he was contacted Sunday by the Republican Party Count Chairman about the vacancy” (Marlow resigned the following Wednesday) “Marinko said state Rep. Scot Turner (R-Holly Springs), along with other Republican leaders in the county, recommended he consider the position, but said he wanted to give the opportunity more thought before making a decision on whether or not he’ll run.”

        • Scot says:

          I will make no apologies for wanting to see good people elected to public office. John Marinko is a good person and had expressed interest in that role in the past. It seemed natural to have a conversation with him about it. That is the only office that I have encouraged anyone to run because that person will represent me on the school board, so I have more of an interest in that race.

          Regarding your concern that I recruited Wes Cantrell (or anyone else), it simply isn’t true. I met Wes Cantrell after he qualified and had no idea there would be a third candidate until then. I had no hand in his recruitment. Now that I know Wes, I am excited to have the opportunity to serve along side him in the Cherokee Delegation.

          I find your accusation about Rep. Caldwell and my relationship with Senator Beach laughable. Sen. Beach and I have a great working relationship, and as far as I know, so does Rep. Caldwell.

          • Anyone But Chip says:

            I didn’t state anything about your working relationship Scot, you did.

            I suggested that your and Caldwell’s influence within the delegation would be severely offset by Beach and Biello. You are all Republicans, but that doesn’t mean that you agree on everything. To suggest that there aren’t factions of the party in Cherokee ranging from moderates to Libertarians and that you and Caldwell would share a location on the spectrum distinctly different from Biello and Beach is the laughable part.

            Regarding recruiting…you suggest in the first paragraph you happily contacted John for the position and encouraged him to run and yet in the second paragraph that you’ve never recruited anyone. Which is it?

            • ConservativeCaucus says:

              I thought his comments seemed rather self-evident. He openly admits to encouraging Mr. Marinko to run, but has not recruited anyone else to run. Did I miss something?

            • Scot says:

              Right, I mentioned a great working relationship, which is in contrast to the made up story of the power struggle you are trying to sell here. I mentioned that because to think that we have a power struggle within our delegation goes beyond silly to laugh out loud funny. We all work together; it’s fantastic. Go and ask your Senator. He even carried HB 436 for me in the Senate, which I think you were a fan of if I am not mistaken. I was grateful for his help on that even though we couldn’t get it to the floor of the Senate for a vote on Sine Die. Maybe next year?

              I thought I was clear in the second paragraph because I clearly wrote that I had been in touch with Mr. Marinko about the BOE position. I guess I can clarify by saying I should have added the words, other than John, but I didn’t think it was necessary.

            • ConservativeCaucus says:

              I understand that sometimes politicians are prone to double-speak, but that comment about “which is it?” seemed a little too “gotcha” politics for me.

        • Romegaguy says:

          BTW, Kelly Marlow didnt have to resign. Her seat was open the moment she was convicted.

          • Anyone But Chip says:

            Actually I don’t believe that this is the case. It’s my understanding that she would be suspended and unable to fulfill the duties (i.e. vote, act as a board member, etc.) but until she resigned or the appeals process was completed she could not be removed. This is what necessitated the resignation. The Ledger news article states ‘she was suspended from the school board at the time the jury found her guilty of two counts of felony making false statements on April 26. “With considerable appreciation to my many supporters and the voters of District 1, and the parents and school children for whom all of my efforts were focused, the recent judicial determinations make it unlikely that I can effectively serve at any time in the foreseeable future,” Marlow’s resignation letter said. “Rather than leave my seat in limbo while the issues surrounding my status are resolved, it is with an extremely heavy heart that I resign my position with the Cherokee County School Board, effective immediately.”

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