Rob Woodall Explains Why He Is Endorsing Jack Kingston for #GASen

Seventh District congressman Rob Woodall today became the latest Georgia congressman to endorse Senate candidate Jack Kingston. Wanting to express his thoughts more fully than could be done in the press release issued by the Kingston campaign, Woodall reached out to Peach Pundit. What follows is a summary of our conversation.

Explaining his endorsement of Kingston, Woodall told Peach Pundit, “We will be lucky to have Jack Kingston as a senator. While it would have been easy for Jack to stay in the U.S. House where he holds a top level position on the Appropriations Committee, he decided to risk it all on a campaign for the Senate because he wants to make things better.”

Woodall noted the extremely high level of support Kingston received in the primary from voters in South Georgia, which he has represented for years. “To know him is to love him,” Woodall said. He went on to say that Jack Kingston is a man of character who honors the military and the people in the community, and pointed out that while David Perdue might be able to win in a media market he can blanket with advertising, Kingston is the one who can win voters by his actions.

Woodall tried to dispel the idea that after 20 years of being a congressman, Kingston had become a creature of Washington. He told us:

“It’s easy to make promises on the campaign trail and then when you get to Washington, you become someone different. Jack Kingston has represented Georgia for 20 years, and he has the same voting record today that he had 20 years ago.

“Jack has represented one of the most liberal districts in the state, but he has maintained a conservative voting record. While it would have been easier to waiver, he’s the same man of principle that he was when originally elected. That’s proof positive he won’t get squishy when he gets to the Senate.”

Congressman Woodall was enthusiastic about sending a member of Georgia’s House delegation to the Senate. He said that some of the people he respected the most in the Senate—including Tom Coburn and Jeff Flake—started their political careers in the House of Representatives. He noted that their experience serving in the conservative people’s house gave them the values they then took to the Senate.

Woodall acknowledged that it’s possible for a Washington outsider to get elected to the Senate and change things, pointing out Ted Cruz as an example. However he said he was disappointed with David Perdue’s claims that as an outsider, he could solve the country’s budget problems and get rid of Obamacare. Woodall pointed out that he had authored the most conservative budget that would have balanced in three and a half years, and that it couldn’t pass the House. Similarly, the House has voted more than 40 times to repeal Obamacare, to no avail.

The congressman noted that solving serious problems requires an understanding of how large the problems are. He believes Jack Kingston has that understanding.

Woodall finished his endorsement by saying, “Jack Kingston has managed to get things done in Washington. He’s the type of person who never gives up. He will capture what he can get done today, then start again tomorrow on the next goal. We need someone who can be effective. Jack is principled. We know what he will be for us.”


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    There are 14 districts. He lost me at “Jack has represented one of the most liberal districts in the state, but he has maintained a conservative voting record.”

  2. GALisa says:

    I noticed that Rob didn’t say anything about Kingston being a FairTax supporter; but Kingston always comments that he is endorsed by “FairTax author John Linder” whenever Perdue says that he will fight for the FairTax. Maybe Rob didn’t mention that because Jack Kingston only signed on to support the FairTax last year — when he decided to run for Senate? — but the bill has been in Congress all during Kingston’s term.

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