Rasmussen Poll Sets Off Alarm Bells at RGA

Want to see what a frantic media buy looks like? See below. Last week, Rasmussen’s Georgia Governor’s race poll showed Jason Carter with a 7 point lead over Nathan Deal. This poll was surprising to many who assumed Deal would carry at least a small lead into the general. The Republican Governor’s Association was caught flat footed. They decided to put a lot more money behind their anti-Carter ad then they had planned. I’d like to think that they brought out the Obamacare ad as their first ad in the general to guide wayward Republicans (Pennington and Barge supporters) back into Deal’s camp, but more likely it’s the same ad they are trotting out against the Democrats nationwide. Without further adieu, the frenzied scribbles of the RGA ad buyer:

Republican Gov Assoc WAGA buy

 The above is from the Fox5 Public Inspection Files.

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  1. notsplost says:

    As someone who hasn’t always been thrilled with Gov. Deal, I am a little surprised at this poll result.
    The economy is relatively strong at least in the ATL metro, it’s still a red state, and he crushed his primary opposition.

    Even though I consider him less than perfect, I plan to vote for Gov. Deal partly based on his stand to refuse Medicaid expansion. The last thing we need is more debt in this country, and expanding Medicaid will most certainly drive up the national debt, along with trapping some poor folks in poverty as Medicaid requires asset tests and in some cases seizure of the deceased recipients home to pay off benefits (most people don’t realize this.)

    • People whose assets are depleted are already eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid expansion is about the working poor – those in Georgia making between 15% – 138% of the FPL. Expanded Medicaid would overlap with the subsidies for private plans which start at 100%. That way somebody making 90% one year and 110% the next year doesn’t have to bounce around.

      In reality, they should give you the same subsidy at 0% that you get at 100% and let you choose between Medicaid or a private plan.

      Really the type of Medicaid asset tests you’re talking about have absolutely nothing to do with Medicaid expansion. Two very different things.

      • In fact, not expanding Medicaid for this segment of the population traps people in poverty. A 30 year old with type 2 diabetes who wants to work for say McDonalds or Wal-Mart – as soon as he starts making more than $3,000 a YEAR he is no longer eligible for Medicaid in Georgia. So that 30 year old is going to choose to not work (or severely limit hours, or work off the books) and live at home so they can stay on Medicaid to treat their condition.

        With expanded Medicaid they can get a job – if they make more than $15,000/year or so they can use subsidies to get private health insurance for about $100/mo to treat their condition.

        I don’t know about you, but the current situation with Medicaid if I were that person would trap me in poverty and keep me from working.

        • saltycracker says:

          Diabetes is a very serious challenge, a concern in my family, we could do a lot more in research. That said the most common profile of a 30 yr old with type 2 is obesity. Public monies diverted to those with a chosen harmful lifestyle are not in the public’s best interest.

  2. Rick Day says:

    They bought time on Judge Judy? And they only target whites 35 – up?

    Judge Judy? Really? Is she even still alive?

    Just what IS the typical demographic of the GOP supporter?

    • Brian Sebastian says:

      66 to 75% of Judge Judy viewers are women.

      I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure JJ still practically owns daytime tv.

      Maybe these ads won’t be targeting GOP stalwarts…

  3. ChuckEaton says:

    You’re right. I remember being surprised to hear she absolutely dominates daytime television. She’s got the salary to prove it. She makes substantially more than all the other television personalities, including Letterman, Fallon and Stewart.

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