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As drjay said: these Morning Reads are heaven sent.

Texas Tornados “Baby! Heaven Sent Me You”



  1. Ellynn says:

    Delta still raised the price of my yearly ticket to annoy the family by almost $200 and they lowered the Skymiles for the trip… So these planes help out how?

    • Ed says:

      Because now you know why the raised the price! Also the SkyMiles change was announced last year (IIRC). It sucks if you’re a smalltimer but no change if you’re a bigtimer.

      • saltycracker says:

        As a delta million miler…..get a cash back card like fidelity Amex – free card – no limit 2% into brokerage cash acnt – (there are others) – make you own deals, less complicated and a better deal. I prefer Delta but my last trips have been everyone but…

        Most point/award programs today are weak – take the cash…

        E.g. 25k is $500….you can get most main US places RT for under that and when was the last time you could get there for 25l miles ?

      • Ellynn says:

        Yes I know all about the miles change, but when you fly commerical less then 8 times a year, and you hop from small airport to huge airport to small airport to even smaller airport you have start racking up costs. I even ran the trip through travel site and Delta at almost $700 round trip for 1000 miles was the cheapest/ even flying out of some of the larger markets cost more.

        If only Gulfstream had commerical flights from plant to plant I could cut out ATL, O’Hare, MKE, Detroit… lots of places…

  2. penguin says:

    If Atlanta’s problem is deteriorating infrastructure and hellish traffic congestion, perhaps an “innovative” solution for Mayor Reed to consider would be taxing cars who use those streets and continue to deteriorate those streets (much quicker than us bipeds). Tax cars, use the money to create better car-alternatives.

    • linuxfanatic says:

      1. Atlanta cannot institute that without the legislature’s approval. The only thing that they can do without the approval of the conservative GOP state overlords is increase taxes on parking, something that progressives proposed long ago but Reed had to wait until his second term to work on implementing for obvious reasons.

      2. Such a tax would most harm those who cannot afford to live near where they work. Lots of city dwellers live in one area of the city and work in another area, or even live in the city and work in the suburbs. Folks in the second group have no transit options available, and folks in the former group are not always able to rearrange their lives around MARTA schedules. I know that a lot of people want Atlanta to be more like NYC, Philadelphia, Boston etc. in terms of the number of people who use transit, but you forget that in those areas A) buses and trains reach nearly the entire city and much of the metro area and B) the buses and trains run every 10 minutes. Taxing people because Atlanta does not have the population density or transit system necessary to abandon their automobiles is punishing people for things beyond their control, and again the people least likely to be able to bike/walk to work or rearrange their lives around when MARTA does run happen to be the folks who make less than $100,000 a year.

  3. Harry says:

    This somehow sounds familiar

    “Education is essential to preparing for life and work. It is the basic means by which people come to know and acquire culture, and it is the foundation of culture’s development…The Soviet education rests on the principles of the unity of education and communist upbringing; cooperation among the school, the family, and the society in bringing up young people; and the linkage of education and training to life and the practical experience of building communism. The underlying principles of the Soviet system of public education include a scientific approach to and continual improvement of education on the basis of the latest achievements in science, technology and culture; a humanistic and highly moral orientation in education and upbringing; and co-education of both sexes, secular education which excludes the influence of religion. “

  4. DrGonzo says:

    So you do a sports report and make no mention of the fact that the only college baseball team left in the NCAA tournament from Georgia is… KENNESAW STATE, BABY!

    Ranked #12 and currently the hottest team in the nation with 27 wins in their last 29 games, the Fighting Owls will head to Louisville, KY this weekend for a best-of-three series with the University of Louisville. The winner of that series will earn a spot in Omaha at the College World Series. KSU defeated Alabama on Monday to advance to the Super Regionals (the final 16).

    All this in KSU’s very first trip to the NCAA D-I baseball tournament. Suck it, Tech and UGA (and Georgia Southern, whom we beat in our regional as well).

    Support KSU by tuning in to ESPNU this Friday night at 6:30pm for Game 1! Go Owls!

  5. Ellynn says:

    Hey Frontpager’s, where is the love for Former Sen. and Director of the Georgia State Departemnt of Transportation J. Tom Coleman, who passed away this moring. He was a great Irishman, father, and one of my favorate poeple. I learned alot about Georgia politic from him. He was the nicest guy who ever stoled my bourbon.

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