State School Superintendent Debate

If you are free Saturday morning there will be an hour long State School Superintendent debate between Mike Buck and Richard Woods. Now that there are no longer 500,000 people in the race and we can just focus on two candidates, this is a great opportunity to see who each of these candidates are.

In the Senate race there were over 605,000 votes cast in the Republican primary. By the time you got down ballot to the SSS race there were only 468,000 votes cast.This was likely due to the crowded field and no one knowing who any of the candidates were. So go out and find out about the two survivors for the run off.

Here are the details for the debate:

When: Saturday June 7th.

Where: Cobb GOP Headquarters; 799 ROSWELL STREET; MARIETTA, GA 30060

What Time: 8:30-10:30 AM