Politico Magazine Looking At Atlanta’s Transportation Issues

Politico Magazine is featuring a year long series entitled “what works“, which they describe as “featuring innovative ideas—and how they spread—from cities across the United States at a time of unprecedented urban reinvention.”

Tomorrow they will be focusing on Transportation in Denver, a city that has recently invested heavily in transit and other transportation infrastructure.  They will have two panel discussions, the first of which is titled “What is right with sprawl, and what is wrong with sprawl”.  Atlanta has been discussed by their magazine on this issue, with Atlanta Magazine Editor Rebecca Burns writing our challenges in “Sprawled Out in Atlanta“, while Roberty Bruegmann takes the counter point with “Sprawl Is Good For You“.

The second panel will feature former Mayor of Salt Lake City Dee Dee Corradini, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and…me.  I’ll be wearing my PolicyBEST hat, and will attempt to explain the political and jurisdictional challenges to bringing any transportation solutions to the Atlanta region to fruition.

The event will livestream here, and will begin at 10:15am EDT.  It should rap by 11:20.  Those following on twitter should use the hashtag #WhatWorks.

I’m looking forward to the event, and hope that those of you interested in being part of Atlanta’s and Georgia’s transportation challenges will give a read to the above linked articles and either watch the conference live or grab the video clips later.  I believe our challenges are great, but also that solutions are within our realm of possibility.