Karen Handel Endorses Jack Kingston

Third place finisher Karen Handel endorsed Senate candidate Jack Kingston today, saying Kingston had been a long-time soldier in the Republican trenches.

Jack Kingston and Karen HandelHandel said, “Over the course of campaigning for the past year, you really get to know your opponent. Throughout the campaign, I observed Jack Kingston as a man of integrity. He is committed to the conservative principles that are the foundation of the Republican Party.”

Handel cited Kingston’s strong support from the voters in the First Congressional District, including voting for him in the Senate primary by a 74% margin. Noting the challenges the country faces, Handel called Kingston “a workhorse, not a showhorse” who was consistent in his views.

Handel sent an email to her supporters, which is below the fold.

Today, I am formally endorsing Jack Kingston, the conservative choice for U.S. Senate.

I have had the unique opportunity over the last year to get to know all of the candidates very well, under the difficult circumstances and significant pressures of a statewide race.

What I’ve seen in Jack is a man of integrity who is devoted to his family. A man who is fiercely dedicated to the conservative principles that are the foundation of the Republican Party. A man who has represented the people of the 1st Congressional District honorably and effectively for more than 20 years.

When you are trying to decide who to support in the runoff, think about this: when Election Day came last week, the people Jack serves every day gave him an outstanding job performance evaluation. The 74% of the vote he received there speaks volumes about how well Jack has served the people in his district.

Now, he wants to go to work for all of Georgia. More than ever, we need a workhorse — not a show horse.

We need our new U.S. Senator to be a person who is extremely knowledgeable about the complicated issues Congress faces every day. We need a consistent conservative who brings the experience to be an effective member of the Senate from day one. And, we need a U.S. Senator who understands that the American Dream is for every Georgian no matter what their circumstances.

Friends, Jack Kingston is that person. I hope you’ll join me in returning to the polls on July 22 and voting for the man who has spent the better part of his life serving Georgia and who will continue to serve us well in the United States Senate – Jack Kingston.


  1. DrGonzo says:

    Love ya Karen, but have to wonder how much campaign debt old Jack promised to retire for you in return for this ‘endorsement…’

    • Ellynn says:

      Since Jack burned through alot of his in the last 4weeks you got to wonder where he’s goning to get the money…

      • DrGonzo says:

        Come now, this is Jack Kingston: Master Appropriator we’re talking about. He’ll have a million in the bank before the end of next week. My only consolation will be if he forces Perdue to make another multi-million dollar loan to himself; the least we can do is drain some more of his personal fortune away and into the Georgia economy.

  2. Raleigh says:

    All this talk about work horses and show horses reminds me of George Busbee. How about that for a trip in the way back machine.

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