Beth Beskin Wins HD54 GOP Primary

Beth Beskin just won the GOP Primary in HD54. Her opponent, John McCloskey sent an email saying he was suspending his campaign, thus preventing a run-off election betwixt himself and Beskin.

You will recall that Beskin pulled 49.94% of the vote on May 20.

She will now face Bob Gibeling and Bill Bozarth in November’s general election.


  1. Howard Roark says:

    I heard Tim Bryant talking about a race in Hall County last week on WGAU that was going to a runoff. A sitting BOE member got 49.99% of the vote and some young guy is in the runoff with him. Seems that the kid would do the honorable thing as well.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      I’m torn on that. It’s very disappointing to those who had voted for him. It still drives me nuts that Lewis Massey withdrew from the 1998 Governor’s runoff. Yes I’m sure Barnes’s cronies promised him some plum position, but SciTrek? He withdrew for SciTrek? He’s seems to be doing pretty good now which is good.

  2. Ed says:

    There’s a post about that race down the PP page a bit. The issue with that race is that (IIRC) with the absentee/provisional ballots, it put him within 5 votes of victory. I think if you’re down to single digits for a margin of victory a recount is totally justified.

  3. northside101 says:

    Surprising how poor the turnout was for the House Dist 54 race—less than 4,200 out of roughly 35,000 registered voters. Certainly one of the most affluent and educated State House districts in the state. Wonder where everyone was?

  4. ricstewart says:

    In the Chatham County BOE Chair race, Jolene Byrne and David Simons finished 1-2 and were scheduled for a runoff, but Simons withdrew from the runoff. As a result of Simons’ withdrawal, 3rd place Chester Ellis will now be in the runoff against Byrne.

    Can someone explain why some runoff withdrawals cancel the runoff, and sometimes the third place finisher moves up?

    • Probably because Beskin’s opponent is suspending his campaign, which is a fancy way of saying there will still be an election and both of our names will be on the ballot but I won’t actually be contesting this election and don’t expect to win.

      If the guy in Chatham actually withdrew, that means he’s no longer on the ballot and so they go to the next guy -though I admit I didn’t know this was the case (but it makes sense).

      In the case of Beskin, 49.9% is so close and with at least one other candidate being female (and a natural proxy for her voters in the runoff) suspending the campaign is a face saving way to graciously concede, spare the victor a real campaign etc.

      What Georgia should do is have some sort of second choice balloting system to see if anyone gets to 50%. In this instance, it’s impossible to believe that Beskin wouldn’t have picked up the 5 or 6 second chance votes she would have needed.

      But in the US Senate race it is hard to imagine that Perdue or Kingston would have so you can still have a runoff.

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