Why Every Vote Matters: Henry County Edition

After all the ballots have been counted an incumbent County Commissioner in Henry County trails by a mere two votes:

REID A. BOWMAN SR (I) 1125 49.96%
BLAKE PRINCE 1127 50.04%

I’ve been told there were 6 people who voted in the wrong precinct so they were not allowed to vote in local races. There will surely be a recount and no matter what happens, someone is going to lose by the slimmest of margins.


  1. ricstewart says:

    The initial numbers that came from the Board of Elections office, as reported by the Statesboro Herald, for a school board race in Bulloch County showed both candidates tied at 49.7%, with one write in vote.

    Incomplete numbers BOE District 5 Littles 87, 49.7% Martin 87, 49.7% Write in 1. 0.6%— Statesboro Herald (@boroherald) May 21, 2014

    The final count revealed that Glennera Martin won, but imagine being a candidate whose race was tied because of one write-in vote.

  2. northside101 says:

    And about 25 miles to the northwest of Henry County, in the Buckhead House District 54 (seat being vacated by Ed Lindey), Beth Beskin missed a majority in that GOP primary (4 candidates) by a mere five (5) votes, at least so in last week’s count. Got 2,062 votes but needed 2,067 of the 4,132 votes cast to get a barebones majority. Wonder if any of her supporters failed to show up May 20? Have to wonder too why turnout was so low in such an upscale, heavily Republican (58% Romney in 2012) district like that?

    • Turnout was a disappointment everywhere. We probably ought to discuss that on the front page. I might pull some numbers together and see what the PP community thinks kept turnout low.

  3. If you can show that 6 people who voted voted in the wrong place, you can get a new election. As long as the number of ballot errors exceeds the margin.

    • To b fair, I can’t say for sure those 6 provisional ballots were in that district or not. It seems low enough to be for that district but I can’t say for sure.

  4. joe says:

    This must be after a re-count. The day after the election, with %100 counted, Prince had a commanding 21 vote lead.

      • joe says:

        The initial count Tuesday night had Prince ahead by 21 votes, The official count on Friday included one machine that had been missed on Tuesday. Prince was still ahead by 2 votes. There were 6 voters who went to the wrong location, and were allowed to vote on a paper ballot for state wide offices only. There will be a recount , but I don’t see it changing anything.

        I live in Henry, but not in the 4th district. I have met both Prince and Bowman, and believe that both are acceptable.

  5. Stephen in Southside says:

    The 6 ballots were thrown out bc they voted in the wrong District. Meaning that 6 voters from within District 4 voted at a District 3 polling place. The Henry County Board of Elections followed the law. The 6 votes will NOT count according to State law. Bad law but that is the way it will go.

  6. jstjoan says:

    The second recount just completed confirmed the results of the first recount. Congratulations Commissioner Blake Prince on your 2 vote victory.

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