Walton County GOP Throws A Good BBQ

There were quite a few Peach Pundit folks in attendance tonight at the Walton County GOP BBQ.  Myself, Buzz, Jon, Eric, Scarlet, and Chet enjoyed the hospitality of Roy Roberts and the Walton County GOP.  I’ve always heard this was an “everyone who is anyone” attends kind of event.  The Governor, Senator Isakson, and many other elected and party officials were on hand.  So were a lot of “regular folks”.  It was a fun event, with good friends and good food.  Jon may be persuaded to post some pictures later.  Just wanted to thank our hosts for a good evening.

Update from Jon:

Below the fold are some pictures from last night’s BBQ. A good time was had by all.


  1. Bloodhound says:

    Did Roy have a chance to tell any of his trademark jokes?

    Attending the monthly GOP meetings are great entertainment thanks to Mr. Roberts classic delivery of some incredible jokes!

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