WRAS is Awesome, It Should be Saved

If you’ve been reading Peach Pundit the past few weeks, you know that Georgia State University President Mark Becker engineered a truly stupid plan to gut one of the best things about Atlanta and the university. 

Of course I’m referring to the decision that gives GPB virtually all daytime broadcasting hours on WRAS.

Anyway, this week’s cover story for Creative Loafing was about WRAS. It is the most in-depth look at how important the radio station is, what it means to people and why it should be saved. 

This Saturday, the Mammal Gallery in Downtown Atlanta will hold the second Save WRAS benefit. You should go/donate. Suggested donations are a whopping sawbuck. 

I say all that to say this: I honestly don’t believe either GPB or GSU anticipated there would be this much hostility to the change. I also don’t believe they fully understand just how valuable Album 88 is to Atlanta. Which brings me to say this: one of the ways GPB can terminate the deal is if GPB’s broadcasting is found to be “contrary to the public interest.” An honest discussion of what GPB will add to the airwaves at the expense of Album 88 and all the outpouring of support proves that this deal is in fact contrary to the public interest.

Feel free to let Teya Ryan, GPB’s president, know that you feel the same way. GPB’s phone number is: 404-685-240 and  800-222-6006. Her email is: [email protected]


  1. Ed says:


    1) the more people call, email, harangue GPB the more likely they will terminate the deal. That means I will stop posting as much to PP. So do be self interested and help me out.
    2) posting her email as text means it will get caught by spambots. That’s the price you pay for the takeover. #SorryImNotSorry

  2. For Peach Pundit readers not familiar with WRAS, would kind of be like if the Peach Pundit editors turned the site over to GPB to have the Lawmakers staff run the editorial content with the majority of the content syndicated from a national source.

  3. Harry says:

    Ed, we don’t always agree, but here’s a vote of mutual solidarity to maintain the local WRAS programming.

    • Will Durant says:

      Harry used a union word 🙂 I with you on this guys and email sent. As a disciple of Franklin Garret I have to support the good things in Atlanta that have made it unique. We have burned and bulldozed too many. I still resent GSU for not keeping the old Municipal Auditorium intact as an auditorium.

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