Morning Reads- Thursday, May 22

Ms. Monáe should teach candidates how to fill out a suit (looking at you, Ron Paul)

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  • That ole homophobia dog won’t hunt even in some of Georgia’s most conservative districts.
  • Terrifying video of an eight-year-old hit by a foul ball at a Braves game. In a characteristically classy move, Braves and Brewers players visited the kid in the hospital.
  • Nancy Denson won the least typical race in Georgia with higher turnout than the rest of the state.
  • A runoff election will indicate whether the charter school movement has life in DeKalb.
  • Besides our familiar foes in the SEC East (and Auburn), Georgia will play Arkansas in Fayetteville, Alabama in Athens, and Ole Miss in Oxford over the next three years.
  • Gregg Allman is being sued by the family of a film assistant killed in a railroad collision during the filming of a documentary he is producing. This one actually is his cross to bear.
  • Today’s pick of the 147 “Tea Party v. Establishment” editorials that have been written in the last 24 hours.

Lesser Places

  • If you want to be challenged and provoked, read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Atlantic cover story, “The Case for Reparations.” If you haven’t read his National Magazine Award winning “Fear of a Black President,” do yourself a favor. There are few writers who can consistently produce work of this quality.
  • The US will send 80 troops to Chad to #BringBackOurGirls. Satisfying to see the Obama Administration pursue this issue after mean-spirited rhetorical criticism from establishment Republicans. We’re better than that, y’all.
  • North Korea shot at South Korea. I’ve found it’s useful to save the previous sentence on my desktop so I don’t have to type it every week.
  • Rescuers have found the cast, crew, and contestants of American Idol at the bottom of a deep mineshaft; the rescued were reportedly shocked to hear the early 2000s had passed. Also Caleb won.
  • The Thai Army is entering the annual “Craziest Thing to Happen in Bangkok” by announcing a coup.
  • My generation is the first since the Second World War to prefer living in the city to the suburbs, but the Wall Street Journal found nationwide growth rates “tilting ever so slightly back to the land of lawns and malls.”
  • We all forgot to stand with Rand, in part because the Obama Administration conceded before the filibuster began.

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  1. Noway says:

    Another NFL players suit against the league. (Eye roll…) Not another dime! These guys knew the game they were playing. No more…

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    ◾”That ole homophobia dog won’t hunt even in some of Georgia’s most conservative districts.”

    Well, all that one can say about that is congratulations to Bertie on his FABULOUS victory over Charles Gregory in State House District 34.

    This is the 21st Century, he doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone about his lifestyle choices.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      A good reason why so-called “gun-free” zones should be outlawed.

      …Because to violent criminals, there is no such thing as a “gun-free” zone.

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