Massachusetts Guv Getting Involved in Peach State Politics

Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts is adding staff to his political action committee and wading into campaigns in Georgia and Texas as he expands his national political profile.

According to the AP, Patrick says longtime aide and current chief of staff in the governor’s office Brendan Ryan would be joining his Together PAC.

The Democratic governor says the addition of Ryan will allow the PAC to send staff to help consult with candidates in other of the country.

Patrick says the PAC has already been active in Texas governor’s race on the Democratic side and in Georgia’s U.S. Senate contest.

Patrick says that help sometimes involves writing checks to candidates, but more often consists of offering tip on grassroots organizing and helping candidates frame their arguments when talking with voters on key issues.


  1. Jane says:

    A while back David Purdue gave money to a Massachusetts Democrat congressman. Maybe, this will be a bipartisan PAC, repaying a debt.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      That is a good point, but I think that this is much more a sign that national Democrats are gearing up to start pouring much-larger sums of money and organization into Georgia in future electoral cycles, likely starting with competitive statewide races for U.S. Senate and Governor in 2014.

      Deval Patrick has been mentioned as a potential contender for Vice Presidential nominee in 2016 as the Dems may try to look for a black or Hispanic VP candidate to keep their African-American voting base highly-energized should Hillary Clinton run at the top of the ticket as expected.

      The GOP probably should take this as some kind of warning that Georgia statewide elections may likely no-longer be the piece-of-cake that they have been over the past decade.

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