Georgia U.S. Senate Race Still Leaning GOP, Sabato Says

Both Jack Kingston and David Perdue are the preferred candidates of inside-the-beltway GOP strategists, that according to the latest edition of Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

Managing editor Kyle Kondik writes that while third-place finisher Karel Handel “might also have been a decent general election candidate, she disappointed many Republicans with her lack of fundraising.

“Bringing up the rear among the top candidates were Reps. Phil Gingrey and Paul Broun, who performed so poorly that their combined vote total didn’t even match third-place finisher Handel. Broun and Gingrey have made controversial social issues comments in the past, the kind that cost Republicans elections.”

Sabato’s organization is still leaning the race as GOP, but, “it’s not a given that Kingston or Perdue will escape unscathed from a long and perhaps brutal runoff.”