Election Results Open Thread


The Senate looks more and more like a Kingston-Perdue runoff. Handel remains 30,000 votes behind with more counties reporting. It still looks like Buck and Woods in School Superintendent runoff. All the barking about Nancy Jester gave her only 10% of the vote, compared to between 17% and 19% for the runoff winners.

At the moment in the Senate 9 race, it’s Mike Beaudreau with 40%, P.K. Martin with 32% and Don Balfour with 28%. If that holds, it would qualify as a major upset. Jack Murphy will go into a runoff against Michael Williams in Forsyth County.

Wes Cantrell continues to lead Sam Moore and Megan Biello in HD 22. I’ve met Wes, and he will represent the district well if he’s the ultimate winner. Meanwhile, it looks like House Education Chair Brooks Coleman will win without a runoff against Jef Fincher and Dahlys Hamilton.

It’s been nice providing these updates, but it’s getting late. Return on Wednesday and later for more commentary on what this all means.


It’s still Perdue – Kingston – Handel in the Senate Race. Politico is calling second place for Kingston. Handel has 30,000 votes to make up, and more and more of metro Atlanta is reporting, leaving her less room to gain. School Superintendent race remains Buck vs. Woods.

Bob Johnson has eked out a 1,000 vote lead over Johm McCallum for second place in the first district. Hank Johnson holds on to a 10 point lead in the fourth, while Hice leads Collins in the 10th. That should be the final pairing there. In the 11th, it’s likely Loudermilk vs. Barr. In the 12th, Allen looks like he may win without a runoff.

Balfour continues to trail Beaudreau and Martin in the 9th district Senate race. Kennedy holds a 50 vote lead in the 18th. Cantrell and Reeves lead in the Moore and Gregory races, respectively. In Gwinnett, it looks like Brooks Coleman might make it to the general without a runoff, with 55% of the vote, ahead of Jef Fincher and Dahlys Hamilton. Michael Brown leads David Hancock in the race to replace Josh Clark, and Renita Hamilton leads Tim Hur by 14 votes in the Democratic primary for HD 105. The winner gets to challenge Joyce Chandler in November.


74 counties have completely reported results. Perdue leads Kingston in the Senate race, 30% to 28%. Handel is behind at 20%. It’s still Buck and Woods in the State School Superintendent’s race. Bob Johnson leads John McCallum in the 1st Congressional district by about 400 votes for second place. Buddy Carter remains in first.

Hank Johnson leads Tom Brown in the 4th, while Barry Loudermilk leads Bob Barr in the 11th. Rick Allen continues to stay above 50% in the 12th, as Dutton and Yu follow.

In state races, P.K. Martin leads Mike Beaudreau and Don Balfour in Senate 9, but it’s really close, and still early. Elena Parent leads Kyle Williams 66-34%. Spencer Price leads John Kennedy by 57 votes in a close race. Speaker David Ralston appears to have defeated Sam Snider, 65%-35%. Wes Cantrell maintains his lead over Sam Moore and Megan Biello, while Charles Gregory is behind Bert Reeves by a little less than 100 votes.

Mike Jacobs has a solid lead over Catherine Bernard, while Beth Beskin leads in the race to take over Ed Lindsey’s old seat. Jesse Petrea has a strong lead over Martin Sullivan in HD 166.


Kingston and Perdue are withing 12 votes of each other, with 30% of the vote each. Handel with 18%, but we are just starting to get metro Atlanta votes in.

Buck and Woods lead on the GOP School Super race. Carter and McCallum lead in the first congressional district. Hank Johnson leads 53%-47% in the 4th, while Collins and Hice continue to battle it out in the 10th. Barr and Loudermilk in the 11th, while Rick Allen might make it without a runoff in the 12th.

In other races, John Kennedy and Spencer price are almost 50-50, with Price having a slight lead. Kyle Williams leads Elena Parent 59%-41% in Jason Carter’s old Senate seat. Speaker David Ralston leads 65%-35% over Sam Snider. Cantrell leads Biello by a slight margin, while Charles Gregory leads Bert Reeves by five votes early. In Gwinnett all three candidates are north of 30% with Mike Beaudreau leading P.K. Martin, and Don Balfour bringing up the rear, but it’s early.


According to Greg Bluestein of the AJC, the AP has called the Governor’s race for Nathan Deal. He currently leads with 72% over David Pennington with 16% and John Barge with 12%.

In the 10th Collins has a slight lead over Hice, but they will likely make the runoff. Early results in the 11th have Loudermilk with 42% and Barr with 25%. No one else is real close. At the moment, it’s Allen and Delvis Dutton in the 12th, with Yu not far behind Dutton.

Wes Cantrell leads in House District 22 with 39%, followed by Megan Biello with 36% and Sam Moore with 25%.


One county has completely reported its results. Unfortunately, I don’t think Glascock County is going to have a huge influence on any but local races.

With a little over 45,000 votes cast in the GOP Senate race, it’s Kingston 37%, Perdue 28% and Handel 14%. Richard Woods narrowly leads Mike Buck in the GOP School Superintendent race. Mike Collins and Jody Hice each have over 30% to lead the 10th Congressional. Still no results in the 11th, and Allen leads, while Yu and Dutton are within a percentage point of each other in the 12th.


One of the issues with the SOS election results website is that it isn’t mobile-enabled. So, if you go to view it on your phone, it’s a challenge, because you’re getting a laptop view. We understand the SOS office is trying to fix the problem.

With north of 18,000 votes reported, Jack Kingston has a big lead over David Perdue and Karen Handel, 47% – 24% – 13%. But, the night is still early with mostly southern Georgia (and no metro) counties reporting. Nathan Deal has a 74% lead over his two competitors.


The polls in Georgia are now closed, although anyone in line to vote will be able to. That means we will soon start to see election results on the Secretary of State’s website.

Low turnout in Metro Atlanta seems to be part of the equation. My checking around in Gwinnett showed low turnout around 2 PM, and a few precincts checked at 6 PM had turnout between 60 and 70% of what it was in 2010.

On his radio show, Erick Erickson reported strong turnout in Congressional District 1 to replace Jack Kingston, which could bode well for his bid to make the Senate runoff, especially if the Atlanta turnout remains low.

I’ll try to keep this post up to date with results from the Republican Senate and Governors races, contested Congressional races, and selected other races across the state. Feel free to chime in in the comments if there is a result you would like to see, or if you see anything interesting.


  1. caroline says:

    Does anybody know anything about the 11th congressional district? Who is likely to win or anything?

  2. South Fulton Guy says:


    Like the corporations, professional licensing, and voter registration systems Secretary of State Brian Kemp outsourced Election Night Reporting System to a vendor solution. Clarity Elections or SOE who you can tell provides the results from the URL http://clarityelections.com can likely provide a mobile solution, SOS itself cannot fix the problem, but as with any vendor solution, it will take a change/enhancement request and more taxpayer dollars…

  3. Romegaguy says:

    How much time will have to pass before Debbie Dooley claims she has always supported David Ralston?

    • Holden Caulfield says:

      Probably about 30 minutes after she checks out of her rental cabin in Ellijay, and 15 minutes after she starts ignoring Sam Snider’s “But you told me you could win?” phone calls.

      • debbie0040 says:

        Not quite. You clearly don’t read the emails I have been sending out. The education project continues on except expanding to other House districts this time with the same ads with slight modifications. Adding one about the bank loan.. and adding more cases about legislative leave.. Also will be adding other new information ..That was always in the plans and we had it budgeted in until January 1..Nothing is changing that plan.

        I understand Ralston supporters were telling people this afternoon that Ralston would win 80-20%. Not quite the case. Sam Snider rose from 12% a few months ago and was out spent 15 -1. Quite an achievement.

        • debbie0040 says:

          Also, this race shows that Ralston had better pay more attention to the wishes of the people of the district and not so much Atlanta and the state or next time he will lose. The district is very conservative..

          • Will Durant says:

            So you traveled up from Atlanta as a representative of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots to get the Speaker to “pay more attention to the wishes of the people of the district and not so much Atlanta”?

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Priceless response. Debbie is right about one thing. The district is very conservative and that means they don’t like change for change’s sake. That tells me unless something unexpected happens, Rep. Ralston is likely to remain in office for as long as he wants to be in office.

              Attempting to bash a lawyer for being a lawyer may seem like a good idea, but it doesn’t work.

            • debbie0040 says:

              It isn’t just me and you guys really fail to see that. The education project will continue and expand throughout the state. There is a long term plan that has the backing of different groups and people behind the scenes. It was quite successful already. 30% of the GOP Primary voters in Ralston’s home county of Fannin wanted him replaced and 40% of the GOP Primary voters in Gilmer County wanted him replaced. That is huge considering the powerful position he holds. It was a vote of no confidence for the Speaker by people in his home district. People in the district are aware of the issues with David Ralston. They are now paying attention very closely . I would imagine that whenever the Speaker kills legislation the people is his district or supports legislation people in the district don’t support, there will be mailpieces sent to the district keeping the people informed. The Speaker will have to represent the needs of his district more than the needs of Atlanta or the State of Georgia. He will likely face a challenger for Speaker.

              • xdog says:

                It took your buds in Kentucky–FreedomWorks, Senate Conservatives Fund–about 5 minutes after McConnell won to say you know, that Mitch is pretty much OK. Now that you’ve declared victory, can you just go home?

              • Will Durant says:

                Ms. Dooley, I quit naming myself a Republican several years ago though I still mostly vote for their candidates. So I don’t fit your frequently flung RINO denunciation. That being said, with tactics like these threats, I have to wonder if the party leaders aren’t wondering who their foes really are. I think the famous Georgia boy Walt Kelly’s quote could be a fit here but I am not going to presume to put words in the Party’s mouth. I am saying that if its leadership doesn’t marginalize your type real soon they will see the same happen to their own party.

              • bgsmallz says:

                Just so I’m clear…this ‘education’ project is letting folks in individual districts know that they need to vote their representative out if that rep put the needs of the State ahead of their home district?

                That’s awesome…except for the little detail of the Oath of Office of a State Rep…

                ““I do hereby solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of this state and of the United States, and on all questions and measures which may come before me, I will so conduct myself, as will, in my judgment, be most conducive to the interests and prosperity of this state”


              • Doug Grammer says:

                It doesn’t matter if someone gets 30%, 40% 49.99% or 1%. They still don’t get sworn in. Or do you mean that some elected officials are not loved by everyone and won’t get 100% even if they have a challenger? I think they already know that.

                Technically, it was a vote OF confidence of the Speaker by his voters. He kept his job.

                • bgsmallz says:

                  You lost me on the % stuff…my point is that the speaker’s ‘job’ isn’t to put the needs of his district before those of the state…asking someone to take care of his own instead of following the oath just makes me squeamish.

                  Those in his district seem to agree based upon the vote count.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    Debbie was going on about what %, Rep. Ralston’s challenger got in different counties. It doesn’t matter. He lost.

      • Rambler14 says:

        Is this before or after Debbie sues the State of Georgia for the unconstitutional TSPLOST passing in 3 districts?

      • Romegaguy says:

        1) You are correct Debbie I do not read your emails. Nor do I care to.
        2) It seems like just yesterday you were telling people that the polls were wrong and Sam was going to win. Ditto for Pennington. 2/3 of the voters for HD 7 rejected Sam (and you). 4 out of 5 voters statewide rejected you and Pennington.
        3) yes it is just you.

    • Jon Richards says:

      Now seven counties completely reporting, but nothing from Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fulton or Cobb. And I was led to understand that there was a mobile option on the Clarity site. If we were misled, as usual we regret the error and blame others.

  4. Will Durant says:

    9:00 and still goose eggs from Gwinnett. Somebody forget to feed the hamster? My old TRS 80 could have crunched these kind of numbers in less than 2 hours.

  5. blakeage80 says:

    Your friendly, neighborhood Paul Broun supporter here to tell you that Politico is the place to go if you want some great interactive county-by-county results from races. Doesn’t look good for my guy early, but I’ll hold out hope until 10PM or so.

  6. caroline says:

    I wonder what Deal’s percentage is going to be. I would have thought at least 80% but I may be way off on that one it looks like.

    • Will Durant says:

      Now he has to to convince 3 out of the 4 babies to come over to his playpen. That’s gonna’ be a tough row to ho’ err… hoe.

  7. Rambler14 says:

    Which camp will the Handel/Broun/Gingrey supporters go to?

    Nunn? (Bridget)
    Stay Home?

    • DrGonzo says:

      Count me in the ‘Staying Home’ category. If I don’t have a choice in the race then I won’t vote.

    • SingingLawyer says:

      Today I’m in the stay home category. If you forced me, I’d go with Kingston. I would suspect Handel supporters (like me) would be more likely to go to him, but that’s just a guess.

  8. tribeca says:

    Glad to see Jody Hice survived for a run-off, I was worried that, with Paul Broun gone, the 10th would lose its coveted hold on having the dumbest member of Congress.

  9. saltycracker says:

    Mostly good, a couple disappointment, late night.
    Perdue vs Kingston turnout might be interesting but satisfied Handel going home to plan something else. Perdue needs to finish this race well.
    And cleanly.
    State rep Moore came in third in his 15 minutes of fame.
    Happy for Cherokee Commission Chair Ahrens over very nasty opposition.

    • ieee says:

      Meagan Biello is a liar so surely she will not be elected. And we all may call her “liar” for the rest of her life.

      Sam Moore being defeated is a win for big government. Yes!! Let’s pass some more laws and get more government jobs.

  10. seenbetrdayz says:

    Well, at least I was able to vote for Sunday alcohol sales in my county. Although, I’m sure it was a non-binding referendum. Maybe we can finally stop pretending that we’re actually preventing sin on Sunday when everyone knows everyone buys all their Sunday liquor at 11:59PM Saturday night anyway. Just don’t let God find out, he might curse us with bad candidate choices in November.

    Ooops. Too late.

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