2 PM Voting Totals At Some Gwinnett Precincts

As Bill noted, Five Thirty Eight thinks Gwinnett County will have a lot to do with the results we see tonight.

I decided to check with a few precincts along the Five Forks Trickum Road corridor in the Brookwood and Parkview school clusters. These precincts typically are among the strongest Republican precincts in the county. All the vote totals are as of 2 PM.

Num Precinct Facility 2 PM 2014 Total 2010 Pct.
 014    Garners A    Mountain Park Depot   329 945 34.8%
 029    Cates B    Five Forks Library   150 338 44.4%
 032    Berkshire D    New Mercies Christian Church 211 583 36.2%
 079    Cates K   Gwinnett Community Chuch 188 478 39.3%
 112    Berkshire N    Mountain Park Activity Center   313 831 37.7%
 127    Lawrenceville J    Grace Community Church   69 255 27.1%


Precinct 14 typically has the highest Republican vote count of any of the county’s 156 precincts. All but precinct 127 are in State Senate District 9, which has the race between Don Balfour, Mike Beaudreau and P.K. Martin. That might increase turnout in those precincts compared to others.

For the six precincts, turnout at 2 PM is 36.6% of the entire in person voting turnout of the same precincts in the 2010 general primary. Unless two thirds of the voters in 2010 decided to vote after work, in person turnout, at least here in Gwinnett, appears to be lower than normal.


  1. Jon Richards says:

    I stopped by two precincts to grab their 6 PM vote totals. For Precinct 32, New Mercies Christian, they had 357 voters as of 6 PM, or 61.2 percent of their 2010 total.

    For Precinct 79, Gwinnett Community Church, there were 330 voters as of 6 PM, or 69.0% of the 2010 total.

    It looked like voters were still arriving at Gwinnett Community around 6:30. I couldn’t really tell at New Mercies.

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