Morning Reads: 19 May 2014

Tomorrow is election Day, Go vote.


Perdue offers comment on increasing taxes.
About that Senate race, the outside groups are here and spending big
The Savannah port deepening is going to get funded after all.
Will Fulton County do a better job with elections this year over 2012?
Need a summary of the last Senate debate before the primary? Here’s the MDJ’s version.

National International

Things are not going so well in California.
Why we can’t have nice things, Gun edition.
AT&T is buying DirectTV, I wonder what this is going to do for Uverse.
African Leaders pledge to do something about Boko Haram.
Well that seems like an over reaction.

Everything Else

What the collapse of the antarctic ice sheet means.


  1. Business insiders are saying AT&T plans to roll their Uverse customers over to Directv so they can use their fiber strictly for high speed Internet.

    • Will Durant says:

      Yet another validation for dropping my land line a few years ago. Nasty or not, do pollsters find these irritating robocalls to be effective?

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