Does Michelle Nunn realize she’s eventually going to have to, you know, actually talk about issues?

Yeah, Michelle Nunn is the presumptive Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, so why would she put herself on the same stage as three “also-rans” when it could only hurt her in a general election?

But Nunn isn’t just missing in action from debates. She’s also avoided talking about big issues that concern voters in competitive races, including Georgia. Politico, for example, released a poll this morning showing that Obamacare remains a toxic issue for Democrats — oh, and Nunn is in a Democrat, in case you couldn’t tell from watching her ads.

But when Nunn was asked whether she would have supported the law, she wouldn’t give a straight answer, telling an MSNBC correspondent: “I think it’s impossible to look back retrospectively and say, ‘What would you have done when you were there?'”


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd panned Nunn’s answer. “Boy, nothing screams practiced politician like that answer Michelle Nunn gave on healthcare,” he said. “It just doesn’t come across as credible,” later adding that it was a “terrible answer.” Mika Brzezinski agreed, mocking Nunn.

Does Nunn realize she’s going actually have to take positions on issues, or does she think milquetoast approach to big issues is going to fly in the general election? Nunn is eventually going to show up to a debate and do more than give non-answers like she did with MSNBC.

[UPDATE] Cynthia Tucker, a leftist and former AJC columnist, weighed in on Nunn’s comments — or lack thereof.


  1. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I’d love to chase you down this rabbit hole… but, 88% of Georgia Voters probably won’t show up to the polls to give a crap about any of the candidates and their issues. The citizens of GA who are not registered don’t care either.

    This meme bores me.

    As soon as someone outside the echo chamber is listening, maybe then she’s say something. But now, at this point working with 200 volunteers to fix up a school on saturday-probably a lot more productive.

    • I think Nunn is handling this brilliantly. I hope Karen Handel ends up being the GOP candidate otherwise I’ll be voting for a Democrat… and watching her win.

      Our first female Senator. Squee.

      • DrGonzo says:

        ^This. Karen negates the ‘War on Women’ which will be a major theme for Dem PACs that will be spending money here. They want to talk about anything else but Obamacare, and Kingston/Perdue (why seperate them when they’ll basically be the exact same type of establishment Senator) give them an excellent opportunity to trot out war on women talking points to an electorate that is majority female.

      • therightdirection says:

        This reasoning blows my mind. As someone who is supposed to be informed, it reeks of a low information voter mentality. Oh well.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        Ms. Cantrell, you know that I respect the work that you have done on this site in the past, but Michelle Nunn is not “handling this brilliantly”.

        Michelle Nunn is far from “handling this brilliantly” as her continuing attempts to hide her flaming Northeastern liberal elitism from a Conservative Georgia electorate have her looking like the empty suit that she really is.

        Michelle Nunn even looks like an empty suit to her equally as empty-headed liberal socialist cohorts over at the moonbat den of left-wing filth that is MSNBC.

        “otherwise I’ll be voting for a Democrat…”

        Ms, Cantrell, you often seem to have a lot of excuses to vote for Democrats these days, I’m just saying…

  2. BuddyFreeze says:

    She ain’t no John Barrow for sure….she’s scared to even open her mouth to say anything…

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Michelle Nunn is scared that she will be exposed to be the Northeastern liberal elitist that she really is….And once the GOP Primary is decided, this little charade that Nunn is putting on as some kind of conservative centrist will come to an abrupt end and she most-certainly will be exposed to be exactly whom Georgia voters already thinks that she is.

      And the same goes for her lying sack of you-know-what partner in left-wing crime, Jason Carter.

      And I can’t wait until the boom is finally lowered on these two frauds and they are revealed to be the flaming left-wing Obama apologists that they REALLY are.

      • objective says:

        well, she may be very liberal in her heart, but when you represent others you make choices and votes which don’t necessarily reflect your own position. and i believe she will, at least 25%, if not 50% of the time, vote with Republicans on controversial issues- in order to represent and maintain elected office.
        but i think the one thing that really needs to be straightened out with your comments is your broad stab at the Northeast. it’s irrelevant in this context, and not at all as correlated with ideology as you spurn it out to be. ms. nunn surely had some privilege in her life, but that privilege was centered around her upbringing in an empowered GA family.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          My factually-based comments about Michelle Nunn being a flaming Northeastern liberal elitist were not a “broad stab” at the Northeast. My comments were a targeted stab right at the heart of Northeastern liberal elitists.

          Michelle Nunn’s privilege was not only “centered around her upbringing in an empowered GA family”.

          Michelle Nunn’s privilege was centered around her upbringing in an elitist environment dominated by liberal elitist interests in a Northeastern city in Washington D.C. as evidenced by Nunn’s undergraduate education at the University of Virginia and her postgraduate education at freakin’ Harvard.

          Grew up in Washington D.C. (suburban Maryland to be exact), went to undergrad at the University of Virginia, went to postgrad at Harvard University in Boston and lives in one of the most-liberal areas in the entire Southeastern U.S. in Intown Atlanta.

          Michelle Nunn’s background is of that as a classic East Coast liberal, NOT as the down-home conservative Georgia girl that she is very-unsuccessfully trying to come across as to Georgia voters whom Nunn apparently thinks are a bunch of naïve idiots who are not going to notice that she grew up and came of age in the very-liberal Northeastern elitist establishment.

          It’s time that Nunn put an end to this charade and just admit to Georgia voters who and what she REALLY is, which is a privileged Northeastern liberal elitist who wants to advance a Northeastern liberal agenda in Georgia.

          • objective says:

            listen, you need to stop stereotyping northeasterners as a whole. individuals, you can pick apart for their traits or lack of them. call her a liberal all day if you like. but when you paint broad strokes abt whole groups of ppl, that’s how hatred, stereotypes, prejudices, racism, all have a common denominator. it judges groups rather than individuals.
            when i moved from the northeast, i had preconceptions abt southerners. i was wrong, and had to change the way i understood ppl. lots of ppl in the north may still stereotype southerners, and that’s a problem too.
            but there are a lot of northern transplants here, and as demographics shift, you’ll see more and more of them holding elected office, and contributing their part to the development of GA.
            and as a product of a marriage of southern and northern families, which were also urban/rural, and conservative/progressive, i at least know the reality that there are plenty of conservatives in the north, and plenty of liberals in the south. focus your complaints on individuals, not over-generalizations.

          • caroline says:

            Do you like when the southeast is stereotpyed as the epicenter of stupid knuckledraggers? Radical fundamentalism? Racists? You are exactly playing into that stereotype by talking about “northern liberal elitsts”.

            FYI the civil war was over a long time ago.

  3. Ellynn says:

    So she is not running to the left in a primary… So what. Why should she annoy her base prior to a primary and give her republican counterpart ammo for the next 5 months?

  4. DrGonzo says:

    Starting to talk about issues is a good way to shut off some of your fundraising channels. It also gives Republicans something to talk about other than their own positions on issues. She’d rather the Republicans continue to focus on ripping each other instead of teaming up to rip on her, so she’s not giving them any ammo. It’s the right move, for now. But once the general begins, she’s going to have to develop some answers to these questions. At that point she won’t be able to avoid them any longer.

    • DrGonzo says:

      OK, so based on this, she unequivocally states that we should not repeal Obamacare. So she’s in favor, and should be identified as as such.

    • Jason says:

      I was watching Morning Joe when the story ran, the video above is exactly how it aired. Weigel emailed the campaign, with which he spent part of the weekend, and got the full transcript. But, as he notes, the answer still isn’t great, even with the full transcript.

      • DrGonzo says:

        HUNT: So do you think it should be repealed?

        NUNN: I do not.

        That seems pretty clear to me. Clear enough to open her to attacks for ‘supporting’ Obamacare.

        • Ellynn says:

          Many people don’t support the ACA as it passed, but would rather have it fixed then repealed.

          • DrGonzo says:

            Ah yes, ‘fixing’ Obamacare. The squish response favored by Democrats and Chamber of Commerce Republicans.

            • objective says:

              the world, and every public policy in it, is constantly evolving. new programs are designed to fix old policies or new problems. health care policy challenges have existed since before circumcision. you’d rather not evolve?

  5. Will Durant says:

    I’m putting the over/under at 10 on how many more posts we will see from PP on this subject prior to the end of July when she has to actually start running. Even at that point you are not going to much out of her on controversial subjects unless forced. She may lack experience but her daddy has that in spades. Don’t think for a minute he isn’t advising from the wings here. Sam was one of the most effective politicians Georgia has had in the national arena and this comes from a guy that voted against him most of the time.

    Using a Tweet from Cynthia Tucker to add legitimacy to your gripe only serves to further invalidate it in my view.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Michelle Nunn is not and never will be anywhere near half the politician that her daddy was.

      Sam Nunn was a genuine country boy from Middle Georgia, Michelle Nunn is an urban liberal elitist from Intown Atlanta who is rather poorly attempting to hide her flaming Northeastern liberalism from a Conservative Georgia electorate.

      Michelle Nunn is not a real Georgian, she just plays one on TV (and plays one rather poorly, might I add).

      • gcp says:

        I suspect she will wait until after the runoff before Dad starts appearing in her commercials.

      • linuxfanatic says:

        “Michelle Nunn is not a real Georgian”

        I must and do protest at that statement. The 40%-45% of Georgians that are Democrats and/or liberals are most certainly “real Georgians.” These “intown liberals” that you speak of drive tons of vital industries that this state – not only the rural areas but even the suburbs – would not have otherwise, like higher education (especially research), entertainment, technology, health care, transportation, you name it. You know the difference between Georgia and Alabama (and Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, Arkansas, North Florida etc.)? The folks who are not “real Georgians” that built nearly every institution and asset in Atlanta, Fulton and DeKalb that separates Georgia from every other southern state. For example, you can despise liberal Ted Turner all you want, and even I do not like Turner. But no Turner means no Braves, no Hawks, no CNN/TBS/TNT/Cartoon Network, which in turn means no 1996 Olympics and no movie/TV industry that will generate $1 billion in Georgia this year. Similar is true of Tyler Perry and the rest of the Obama voting urban movie and entertainment scene … they and Turner were here long before the suburban GOPers passed the tax credits that everyone now wants to claim is the reason for it all (never mind that plenty of other states have them but still don’t get the projects that Atlanta gets because Atlanta already had the talent, infrastructure, artsy schools and southern entertainment hub reputation long before the credits). That is one example; there are plenty more.

        Remember that Mississippi and Alabama have plenty of conservatives … both the rural type conservatives that you find in south Georgia, the pro-business chamber of commerce conservatives that you find in Buckhead and North Fulton, the suburban conservatives that you find in Cherokee and Forsyth, you name it. But what they don’t have is the talented, creative, very productive ITP crowd. And they have no interest in trying to attract it. Which is why they are going to stay Alabama and Mississippi.

        It takes both sides. If you don’t have conservatives, you get California and Detroit. If you don’t have liberals, you get South Carolina. So both contingents are “real Georgians” and the problem is when one side gets absolute power and cuts out the other. Nathan Deal (former Democrat) to his credit realizes that, which is why I support his re-election. And oddly enough, Kasim Reed does also. Both of them are “real Georgians” and we need more leaders like them in this state.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          “I must and do protest at that statement.”

          No matter how much you protest the fact that Michelle Nunn is not a real Georgian it won’t make it any less so.

          “Nathan Deal (former Democrat) to his credit realizes that, which is why I support his re-election. And oddly enough, Kasim Reed does also. Both of them are “real Georgians” and we need more leaders like them in this state.”

          Bad example….You could have cited some much-better examples of “real Georgians” as Georgia needs a “leadership” combo like Nathan Deal and Kasim Reed like it needs a hole in the head.

          While I can certainly agree that Nathan Deal has maybe potentially been the most-tolerable governor at least since Zell Miller was the occupant on West Paces Ferry, like the overwhelming majority of Georgia voters outside of the I-285 Perimeter, I personally have very-little, if any, use for Kasim Reed either as a politician or as a human being. I particularly have very-little use for Reed in the continuing aftermath of the T-SPLOST debacle that he so selfishly and shamelessly attempted to push-off on metro Atlanta and Georgia voters.

          Not to mention Kasim Reed’s shameless use of a sham friendship with Nathan Deal to try and further his own shameless and delusional ambitions towards higher office.

          It’s Deal’s sham friendship with the shameless and delusional self-aggrandizing Reed that currently has Deal fighting for his political life against the fraud Carter. That’s because if Deal had not been running around trying to kiss Reed’s backside at some award ceremony, maybe Deal would have paid attention to the politically-devastating winter storm that was bearing-down on Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

          • linuxfanatic says:

            “I particularly have very-little use for Reed in the continuing aftermath of the T-SPLOST debacle that he so selfishly and shamelessly attempted to push-off on metro Atlanta and Georgia voters.”

            Sorry, but it is people like you who we need like we need a hole in the head. HOW DARE YOU blame Reed for the T-SPLOST when T-SPLOST was a REPUBLICAN bill passed by an OVERWHELMINGLY REPUBLICAN legislature and pushed hard by a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR in Sonny Perdue. Even after Perdue left office and a new legislative session came in, Nathan Deal AND the REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP of BOTH THE HOUSE AND SENATE supported T-SPLOST. THEY ONLY TURNED AGAINST T-SPLOST WHEN THEY SAW THAT IT WAS UNPOPULAR AND IT THREATENED THEIR POLITICAL CAREERS. OTHERWISE THEY WOULD HAVE STILL SUPPORTED THE BILL THAT THEY WROTE AND THEY PROMOTED. Some of them never did dishonestly claim to oppose the bill THAT THEY WROTE and went down to defeat. And Deal claimed to oppose the bill, yet he ended the toll on Georgia 400, hoping that it would still pass!

            And you forget that plenty of people to Reed’s LEFT opposed T-SPLOST because it was a bad deal for the city, who would have paid for T-SPLOST in addition to a MARTA tax, and also because T-SPLOST would have done much more for suburban highways than intown projects, because the GOPers wrote the bill precisely to do that. Reed supported T-SPLOST to show that he was a bipartisan moderate capable of working with Republicans under the Gold Dome.

            So it was your own REAL GEORGIANS that gave us T-SPLOST. And gee, why is having aspirations for higher office “shameless” for Reed but not for your REAL GEORGIANS, eh?

            “That’s because if Deal had not been running around trying to kiss Reed’s backside at some award ceremony, maybe Deal would have paid attention to the politically-devastating winter storm that was bearing-down on Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.”

            Yeah, sure. First you blame Reed for the T-SPLOST that Deal and his party wrote and passed. Then you blame Deal’s association with Reed for the state’s LONG TIME PROBLEMS in dealing with major storms! Also, Deal could have “paid attention” to the storm, but there was nothing that he could actually DO about it because the metro area is a sprawling, disconnected, disjointed balkanized mess with dozens (hundreds) of local fiefdoms and millions of people living in one county and working in another. You tell me what Nathan Deal having the Jan Jones – Ed Lindsey – Mitch Skandalakis (convicted felon, I guess that is a real Georgian for you) – Chip Rogers (ditto) – Glenn Richardson (again ditto) – John Oxendine (dittos again) – Bob Barr approach towards dealing with intown politicians would have PRACTICALLY accomplished in a 28 county metro region of 6 million people when ice covers the roads. The answer: NOTHING. Best evidence: it wasn’t just the traffic. The power was out FOR DAYS in some areas. That is the private sector. Were the “real Georgians” in the private sector, the same Georgia Power folks that are right now fleecing the state treasury to cover cost overruns at the new nuclear power plant, at the Reed awards ceremony also? I wonder if one of those Georgia Power execs aspires to political office, if you will call them “shameless” also.

            Again, if people like you represent “the real Georgia”, then a fake Georgia is far better. Blaming Reed for the T-SPLOST instead of your own precious GOPers. Hilarious … maybe Reed joining up with the NAACP and the Sierra Club to oppose the T-SPLOST would have made you happier (not likely). The funny thing is that you stated earlier that it was the terrible leadership of the GOP on ethics, transportation, education and water that has the GOP in trouble. But now you claim that it is because Deal attended an awards ceremony for Reed? Hilarious … and typical.

            By the way, it is even funnier that you mentioned Zell Miller. Other than being tough on crime and a moderate on social welfare and taking the usual position on guns, Miller was very much a Democrat. Miller was the single person most responsible for getting Bill Clinton elected by moving up Georgia’s primary. He campaigned for and signed tons of liberal legislation as governor, and even more during his semi-eternity as lieutenant governor. Miller also enjoyed great relations with Atlanta politicians that were far more liberal and partisan than Reed is. Bottom line: the Zell Miller that represented Georgia in the U.S. Senate and gave the keynote speech at the 2004 RNC WAS NOT the guy who was lieutenant governor and governor of what quite honestly was the most liberal state in the deep south (yes, Georgia was, on economic and social issues) for a quarter century. I still remember when Zell Miller issued an official welcome to Louis Farrakhan when he had a speech at the Georgia Dome in the early 90s (this was back during the hip-hop era when Farrakhan was fairly prominent and could draw 40,000-50,000 people at public appearances) before he was forced to rescind it under pressure (and he did not do so immediately either, it took a little while). But it seems that you have conveniently forgotten that Miller was a center-left guy on most issues (just as was Deal when he was a Democrat by the way!) just as you are willing to assign more blame to Reed for backing the T-SPLOST than to Deal and the rest of the Georgia GOP establishment for writing and passing the bill in the first place.

            And guess what: Deal still supports the T-SPLOST. It is why he publicly opposes and privately works against the “Plan B” agenda. First he used the bad economy and lack of state funds as an excuse to oppose the T-SPLOST Plan Bs, but now as the economic picture improves and tax receipts grow, he still helped make sure that several “Plan B” bills never saw the light of day in this session. He also quietly made sure that bills to repeal or otherwise deal with T-SPLOST in the areas that it did pass got quashed, also that bills to remove the penalties (lack of matching funds, etc.) in areas where it failed would stay in place. Why is that, LDIG? Because Reed told him to?

            And you call Reed the delusional one. Hilarious …

            • Rambler14 says:

              “T-SPLOST would have done much more for suburban highways than intown projects”

              How can you say TSPLOST would have done more for the suburbs than intown when there was how many hundreds of Millions of $ for the Beltline?

  6. Geez, Last Dem. Have you taken your meds today? Setting aside all the hatred dripping off your comments, I have to ask: Who are you to decide who’s a “real Georgian”? What is your definition? And how do you identify “shameless” ambitions for higher office? Is there another kind?

    • linuxfanatic says:

      That is the amazing thing. Both here and on Saporta Report, LDIG is usually a reasonable guy. But so long as he explains his bashing Reed for promoting T-SPLOST and not his “real Georgians” for writing the bill in the first place, I guess I will be kinda sort appeased. I have learned to live with this sort of irrational hatred that the OTP crowd has for Atlanta and its leaders and residents, which is one of the reasons why I am glad that the Braves are taking their OTP fan base and their not-from-Georgia ownership Liberty Media to Cobb County, and that they are going to be replaced by an institution and constituency that actually represents Atlanta. But he does need to step up and quit blaming Reed for the T-SPLOST that his own guys foisted upon us. His bizarre claim that not attending an awards ceremony honoring one of “those people” would have somehow made Georgia more capable of dealing with ice storms that that have shut down the metro area many times (including an even worse ice storm in the early 70s when the metro area population was much smaller … indeed most of even Cobb and Gwinnett were basically rural) is part of the “ITP derangement syndrome” that grips the entire state so it has to be more or less accepted, but trying to pass the buck on the T-SPLOST blame is simply going too far.

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